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  • About: I recently got into SC2, and i wont stop until im at least diamond, i really love this game :)
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  • thank you!! in reply to What an amazing community! by Dizzy

    YESSS, you are right, this is an amazing community, i really didnt expect this much feedback. Thanks to this post i have some cool people to play with, and still looking for more!!! And its true, the games are waaay ...
  • more time spent in reply to Why would higher league players have sc2 friends? by NewbtosS

    the higher league players have of course more time spent in the game, so it is more likely for them to have met people in the road, however, everyone is welcome
  • NA in reply to Awesome. by DerLampman

    go to NA and look for the name of the group
  • it doesnt matter in reply to I'm all for it! by DerLampman

    even though anyone is welcome, this post was directed to begginners, since they are the ones who dont have a lot of people to play with, i am one too, im a noob :P so you are welcome
  • cant find you in reply to add me too! by jhz

    cant find you, give me your character code to add you
  • cant find you :( in reply to I need friends too :/ by rabidnate

    are you in the NA servers?
  • Need friends?

    Have you heard of the club of no friends? well how about we adapt it to SC2? See, I'm having this problem, i find myself playing alone all the time, none of my real life friends play SC2 or any ...
  • i see in reply to Additionally by Omega068

    I see, thank you very much friend.
  • can't see my level

    Hi everyone, i dont know why i have not been able to see my level or experience progress, i cant see my level in my portrait how i used to, any help?
  • thank you in reply to help scouting by Zicarios

    thanks, this will actually help me a lot, especially against zerg since they are the ones i have the most problems with. Oh btw, i forgot mentioning i dont gave HoTS at the moment, so maybe that will alter your ...
  • help scouting

    Hello everyone, i am a terran player, currently sitting at silver since i recently got into the game. I need help with a small but really significant problem...scouting. I know how important it is, and i do it every game, ...