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  • 1 and 1 in reply to Thoughts by makios

    Yeah, I was looking at different ~8:00 or 10:00 pressure builds that could have a 1 viking 1 medivac somewhere in them, maybe the 1 rax FE into 3 rax...or some variant, I'll see :). Thanks for the help, and ...
  • Single Viking in reply to Over doing it by Rynua

    Thanks for the tip, I wasn't sure if they were really that easy to replace. I'll try a build with just a viking I can use to scout about and kill what I come across.
  • Roach Response in reply to roaches all in... by cliff.tam

    Ok, thanks for the help, I'll give it a shot and see if I can pull off Banshees et al. Thanks again.
  • Microless banshee-hellion? in reply to Not very effective to aim against OL by cliff.tam

    Yes, I was hoping to supply block him. The idea was that it would slow his droning (larva + mineral costs), and also the first round of defensive units. I was hoping to really do serious damage with the follow-up ...
  • [H][T] TvZ (vs. Z macro) idea critique

    Hi all, I'm a high-bronze player and TvZ is my worst matchup, specifically when zerg fast expand into a very macro game (spine crawlers for D). I was looking at Day9's daily video about standard terran and Polt's timing differences ...