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  • hopefully... in reply to Yeah! by Shimmpy

    ...after a well deserved 'nap'... he may :)
  • thanks :p in reply to Best of luck by Moomintroll

    Unfortunately, it depends on day9 (at least) reading the mail, as it is AHGL related, from a copyright/trademark point of view...
  • Spam filters for contact emails 'aggressive' ?!?

    Hello everyone, I'm (sort of) new here... I wrote a business-related mail to the specified address about 6 days ago (9 May 2013 12:33:44 on my timeline; California is 10h after 'me'). I can only presume that the average time ...
  • hmm in reply to THings dont; always do right. by M

    I've sent the mail from my email attached to the official e-sports organisation I'm a part of. It's a bit sad to see stuff like this is getting in the way.... I'll give it another 24 hours, then send it ...
  • Average time to respond to mail... ? :( in reply to Quick question - Short answer(s) by Riuna

    Hello everyone, I'm new here...I wrote a business related mail to the specified address about 5 days ago. Does anyone know what the average time to respond is? ...or by a lack or any type of response... should I presume ...
  • game for friday in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    yo day9! I like watching your roll through of different games because of the funny way you do it :D I'd like to recommend you play Homeworld 2 campaigns. (I's a 3d strategy game)