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  • thank you in reply to Skill is not reflected in APM. by ExESW

    hey thanks again for the advice. i know well that it may not have a direct impact on skill but still i believe right now my micro + my macro sucks and that is why my score is lower than ...
  • APM training needed

    Hey guys. I am such a noob at SC2 only being able to do at most 49 APM and averaging 43 APM. I need help on getting a higher APM. any recommendations, advices, tips, tricks, anything? Please?
  • apm training in reply to Coordination is key by aequitas

    hey i've noticed when i uploaded my replays all my apms were much lower than others. the highest ive achieved was 49 and average about 43. I would like to know if there is training on this. Thanks again.
  • I need help. in reply to Protoss Coaching Thread! by lemonayd

    HangukSniper here needing help. I have lost 5 times in a row last night and it really bugs the crap out of me when that happens. Granted I haven't been on SC2 for about a week but sometimes I feel ...
  • Awesome in reply to Coordination is key by aequitas

    Hey Dave thank you for spending your sleeping time to help me out. I took all your advice into consideration and I will work on all the improvements needed. I guess going against terran I should not build my buildings ...
  • thanks in reply to 2v2 Balance... by Vaalyr

    I am getting the same recommendations about sentry zealot stalker early on along with not building all my building at the top of ramp. I'll work on these .thanks.
  • here it is in reply to Drop.SC by aequitas

    sorry for late reply. the link is thanks again.
  • need help with that in reply to Post by Philosopher

    Hey sorry about this. I'm such a newb/noob at forums and such. How do I post the replay file on here?
  • I have the replay in reply to need more details by sushibowl

    Hey sushibowl. I have the replay so how should I get it to you?
  • will get you that replay in reply to need more details by sushibowl

    I do use sentries but for the amount of rines/rauders it can't keep up especially when you have enough energy for one forcefield out the gateway. But I will work on that replay. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.
  • [H] PP vs TT help

    To all the professionals out there that's willing to help us noobs out. My buddy and I both use protoss and whenever we go against 2 Terran players, we die early game when they rush with marine/marauders. Now we have ...
  • Yes of course in reply to I'll do what i can if you want by Rhage

    Hey Rhage. Just added you on. I don't get to starcraft till later in the day however. around 7pm to 1am is my game time. Any help from any player is always appreciated.
  • Ultra Newb in reply to Day[9] Daily #515 - Newbie Tuesday: Optimizing Builds Week 3 by Day9

    I need help. Yes mentally. j/k but I do need advice on a better protoss build.