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  • title in reply to title by Eurynomos

    Do you bind creep tumors? It is worthy? I have a really low apm xD but you are right I am going to change queens from 3 to 5, and dont use so many numbers for hatchs. thanks!
  • hotkeying in reply to 1 key at the time by RemusT

    I use 4,5 and 6 for all hatch , 3 for queens , but that only leave 1 and 2 to use for units...
  • my settings in reply to zerg myself by Eurynomos

    I use the defaults, only with a small change to make easy the inject, I put in "space" chage between units, binds my queens to 3 an rotate between they holding shift.... this is the theory, because when game advance ...
  • Stuck with Key bindings

    Hello there! I have had SC2 since release but I do not play so seriusly. At last, I manage to improve a bit seeing some casters (most day9^^) and playing more often. I belive than my knowledge of this game ...