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  • please god in reply to DARK SOULS by Maynarde

    With divine intervention force day to play dark souls
  • zergling + zoid = boner city in reply to This is amazing by KidBomber

    That is all I have to say here.
  • I was wondering as well... in reply to Bane voice by chatogaster

    I was just about to make a similar post but I wasn't wondering about a specific daily. Just any daily where he does the bane voice at any point would make my day.
  • World of Goo in reply to Indie Games by jbigg2012

    Honestly I'm not positive this is considered an indie game, but whatever, I'm pretty sure it is. Anyways, in World of Good you basically build from point A to point B using balls of goo that link to each other ...
  • Awww yeah in reply to Ogre Battle 64 by bionicgiblets33

    Hurray I'm not alone! I have to ask. Who is your favorite hero character and what is your favorite unit type. Of course Magnus is a total badass especially when he is general, but Debonair is a total mac daddy ...
  • Correction in reply to Heck yes by itsbecca

    The word you are looking for is piqued, not peaked. To pique your interest is to arouse interest in something. I'm actually not sure if you can say something peaked your interest. Even if you meant to say peaked and ...
  • Ogre Battle 64

    This has to be one of the greatest games of all time. I think anyone who loves RTS games and RPG games should give this a try. It's expensive to buy the cart but I'm sure there are plenty of ...