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  • Mineral Efficiency

    Can anyone link me to a daily where Sean explains how to mine minerals efficiently? I'm writing a paper on the law of diminishing returns and would love to use Starcraft as an example in this case.
  • Day9 Continues to lose his manhood month in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off, October 4th, 2013 by Longbow73

    I'm a fan of watching you play horror games in this month. OutlastVanishAmnesia - A Machine for PigsThey're not long games but terrifying!
  • TL+ Tournament

    Interested in getting in on that TL+ action but don't have the money or don't want to spend the money on it?
  • Fixed in reply to Link to profile goes to homepage by ntucker

    All fixed up
  • GGSC2 Charity Drive

    GGSC2 Is doing a charity drive. Link to TL Thread: Pretty much all it is, sign up, give pledges, play SC2 and donate to a charity of your choosing. It will be taking part this weekend March 22nd - ...
  • Peter Hollens in reply to Acapella Music by ntucker

    I love this youtube artist I found him around the same time I found Lindsey (musician) He's dome some amazing covers and some of his own material. He's probably most known for parterning up with Lindsey for this song:
  • :) in reply to Happy Holidays by Philosopher

    Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas :)
  • For Music Lovers

    I really enjoy a lot of the music that day[9] plays on his stream although I don't know most of it and wish I did. All I have is the Noir Album from BSBD. Anyways I also want to post ...
  • Chill vs Combat-ex in reply to When Did You Get into Day9 by Philosopher

    I was into him a bit before he did the Chill vs Combat-EX cast forever ago. Here's the youtube vid from it. Bear Semen <3!