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  • well, the idea could reborn with a few names changed xD in reply to Amaz by LordMatsu

    Well, this could always be an idea for a Neutral Legendary, probably does not involve Lich King Arthas and Frostmourn, but they could always be replace with some other character and weapon
  • D: in reply to They're gonna eventually add by LordMatsu

    That would be sad, I thought this would be a really fun idea for a card. D: Wait, that would mean that there's a big chance they are going to change Kel'Thuzad to deathknight class legendary, since he's so close ...
  • gonna change some details in the post in reply to Really powerfull by sunlust

    The idea itself is based on the possibility that Blizzard would make Undead cards in the future, which of course means undead synergy, it is very possible there would be an epic neutral card that could read "kill an undead ...
  • making some changes in reply to Arthas: The 10 mana neutral legendary choice card! by sunlust

  • An idea for a Neutral Legendary card

    Based on some replies it seems like this card can never happen, but the idea still can be re-used with just a few names changed :P Card name: Lich King Arthas (undead) Card Rarity: Neutral Legendary Cost: 10 mana crystals