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  • About: Hi! I am a software developer (I should say web programmer since that has been my focus at work, but at home I work in a variety of fields so never mind...) and an occasional gamer. My favorite game ever is StarCraft... ain't that a shocker? but I am also big on RPG's :)
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  • Nice game - and some small feedback :) in reply to Kingdom Borders - Browser MMORTS I made by KingdomBorders

    This looks interesting and new. If I may, I don't think bashing others' games way of attracting players is a good thing for a presentation video.
  • I personally think they should decentralize things... in reply to Dissapointed in Starcraft 2's continued decline by Adelull

    I'm one of the Vanilla and BW players... moved into SC2 and slowly lost interest, mainly because of age-related changes: family, less time etc. That's not to say I don't play or don't watch, just not as much as before.
  • No, but... in reply to Tifas Bootleg by pinilo

    This one looks way better than the one I had. Granted it was a couple of years old. Still the same principle for enhancing: They made the character models bigger to allow for high definition textures, so collisions are messed ...
  • Remember to put the new skin in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Final Fantasy VII by Day9

    It's been a while since I've played it, but as I remember they've released a new set of textures and models that can be set up over the original game and it makes it look nicer and easier to follow/understand ...
  • Is it this one? in reply to There's a similar one on TED I watched the other day... by mirrageofhope

    I remembered the original problem was with hats, but I didn't actually know they had time to discuss it...
  • StarCraft - because it can be done! :D

    So... I was dreaming about making the time to build this project myself since my college years, but I never got around to it. And somebody else apparently got it building.
  • That depends.. in reply to true by Gurthang

    On the supply, energy, cost or limitations of a BC. For example, they could make them take like 20 supply, consume all energy on jump, stay frozen 20-30 seconds after jump, make them cost 1000/1000, 5 mins build time or ...
  • Hm..... in reply to Like all things, it depends by DanHulton

    Thank you for the response and useful articles :) You were right about the information being useful. And good advice too!
  • That actually helps a lot :D in reply to Check if Mechanics are Patent — Wizard's Original Patent by ryan.howorth

    Thank you!! :D
  • That's how I thought about things as well in reply to Gameplay mechanics are not copyrightable by redhead2ndinshred

    And with the same argumentation (based on all the clones out there :) ) Nevertheless, with all the things going on on the web, I was not sure whether the clones are legally allowed to exist or not. But then ...
  • Thank you in reply to Contact a lawyer by zeek

    You're probably right on all points. I don't know any lawyer versed in this international business :) but I'll consider it.What I really like is the "punching" effect the cards do in HearthStone. And the use of the "Coin" card ...
  • So... progress in reply to Want to make a GAME? by bluedrop

    Hello everyone. Thanks everyone who's following my updates. Turns out making a game with no revenue proves much more costly (time-wise) than originally planned. And it's really REALLY hard to get people involved.So... I've set aside some time to work ...
  • HearthStone in the browser?

    Hey guys! I've really been getting into HearthStone and I recently got the idea of making a HearthStone-like browser game. Following artillery's posts and progress about multiplayer games in the browser I'm really pumped to try and give it a ...
  • Here's another update (I've included it in the main post also) in reply to Want to make a GAME? by bluedrop

    Because I've had plenty of spam bots going around the "classical defenses" on the forum, I've added a Q&A type of registration, with the answer "Grip of Shadow".Whoever is interested please join, we have a new forum for debates and ...
  • Yes I've had that :) in reply to I have a peculiar problem. by Tomberry

    I remember that sensation, but it was back in brood war for me. It passed when I started studying other players playing the same race as me (allies, opponents from replays or even watch a stream of the race) because ...
  • Thank you for the insight :) in reply to Bad wording by conastatu

    In my opinion he used the right words. I connected with what he was saying about game making and idea flooding without leading anywhere concrete. That's probably because I felt I was in the same place for many months :)
  • Listened to the whole thing in reply to yup! by gray.timothyjames

    Mind blowing! Thanks Sean! :D
  • Ok, thanks a bunch! :) in reply to yup! by gray.timothyjames

    I lost hope seeing there were other comments not related to my question. I thought people won't read the comments and will remain unanswered. Thank you!! :D
  • Anyone knows the part and minute in reply to game-making by gray.timothyjames

    Where Sean makes his game-making comments? I must have missed it and I'm really curious what he had to say! Great idea by the way. Game making is hard (in my opinion) but the fun and rewards are worth every ...
  • Moving is done!! in reply to Want to make a GAME? by bluedrop

    Hello fellow DayKnights!This has been an insane year for me, got a ton of things done outside of gaming so I left this part out quite often and did not update you guys as often as I wanted to.Nothing dramatic, ...