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  • About: Hi! I am a software developer (I should say web programmer since that has been my focus at work, but at home I work in a variety of fields so never mind...) and an occasional gamer. My favorite game ever is StarCraft... ain't that a shocker? but I am also big on RPG's :)
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  • Wow! in reply to Here's What We Did by EbinFlow

    Let me rephrase that: WOW! :DThank you for the reply and I'll take it as an advice :) Unfortunately, the way my game is conceived (you can find it here if you are curious by the way) I need the ...
  • So... I've sent you a mail :) in reply to GOS sounds awesome! by KNKL

    The mail is from and will have the subject "GOS I". Based on past experiences, there are chances that a spam filter blocked my mail or sent it to junk/spam folder. Please check if you received it and, if ...
  • Well, good job once again! :D in reply to Thanks! by KNKL

    I'm looking for artists for a game I'm putting together, do you have a portfolio/website?
  • So you said if we have any questions.... in reply to Atomic Brawl: Strategy, Collection, Jack-Assery by EbinFlow

    Not sure if it's what you meant, but I was curious how did you guys get publicly out there. You said there are players who signed up and are already enjoying what the game provides, plus positive feedback.
  • Great artwork! in reply to Day9 in Grand Theft Auto V!!! by KNKL

    Great artwork man, did you do it?
  • I remember the daily... in reply to Day[9]-feet tall by Assoonasitis

    Where he said he could be approached by an ex-colleague telling him: "Hey Sean, you don't have a job and get 100k like me although we have the same degree!"To which he would reply:"Yes... but I'm taller!"I just rofl'd for ...
  • Another cool game in reply to Perspective by RoflmayoMan

    I've always been a fan of geometry :) They're doing wonders with it. Awesome game! :)
  • This game looks amazing indeed... in reply to The Stanley Parable by LordMatsu

    Although I'm not ready to lose my mind yet, totally cool game :D
  • I remember back in those days... in reply to TvP, it kills me by ryanjk

    When I was in Silver/Gold, the stalker army of a protoss gave me the goose pumps. They outrange marines, move faster, can be warped in continuously at a proxy pylon and my marauders (if I had any out) didn't have ...
  • This is gonna be a blast! in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Grand Theft Auto V by Day9

    I can't watch all of it cause it's night time for me and I have a loooong drive early morning, but still, I'll be around for the guffyness at the beginning. I always miss that on the archives :D
  • Making obvious mistakes... in reply to What frustrates you most about playing StarCraft? by Day9

    This taxes me mostly when I get to play in higher leagues (like plat or dia), but it gets me so badly it's insane :DSo I have this great build, perfect macro, I've denied his third and forth while I'm ...
  • I'm very bad at micro-ing spell-casters in reply to Why do you play Terran? by PickledParsleyParty

    I cannot micro spell-casters at any level of efficiency. The direct result of this is that I need to play a race that has spell-casters in the late to very late game :D.With protoss you need to be able to ...
  • Looking at this I say... in reply to Of Light & Shadow by MightyMike

    That games should be by passionate gamers only :DYou guys did a great job!
  • Yes it does look fun :) in reply to Day[9] Inspired My Game by EMcNeill

    But I also don't have any Xbox controllers. I hope I get to try this on an Xbox someday :)
  • This is an amazing game! in reply to Path of Exile by Fluffyflow

    I bow my head to you oh great wizards of game programming :)The game looks amazing and I think it will be a great success. I LOVE the idea of Open Beta and I hope you get out of it ...
  • Thanks man! :) in reply to What a read! by Day9

    I was actually thinking of a including an easter-egg connected to you in my current game as well. I hope I don't need some sort of weird permission for that :D
  • Thank you :) in reply to Amazing Story Right Here... by SteppeLively

    I'm so glad you liked my story :D And yes... running around in a 3D environment sometimes makes it worth it... especially with some sunset involved :)
  • No cons I guess... in reply to Pros and Cons in Indie Games by LordMatsu

    1. I'm not sure if it qualifies as an indie game, but to my knowledge TITUS was quite small when they programmed it, so I'll definitely go for Prehistorik 2. I mean just the soundratck is enough to get me ...
  • My first 3 games and what I've learned from them... in reply to Tell us the story of the first game you ever made! by WHiT3R4bBiT

    Oh boy... You got me working for hours to restore an environment where I could run my games written starting the late 90s and into the new millennium. Still... it was worth every single bit!!! Had a total blast parsing ...