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  • About: Hi! I am a software developer (I should say web programmer since that has been my focus at work, but at home I work in a variety of fields so never mind...) and an occasional gamer. My favorite game ever is StarCraft... ain't that a shocker? but I am also big on RPG's :)
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  • I imagined something like that must have happened... in reply to Insight from the inside by WHiT3R4bBiT

    But since I lost some very important connections because my mails ended up in the spam filter, I really did not want to miss this opportunity :)Sorry for the fuss and thank you for your answer :)
  • I'll look into that in reply to Depending what time by LordMatsu

    When the time comes :)I really hope no money will ever be involved in this. I feel that it would be detrimental for the project if money becomes involved, but we'll see. We're not there yet :)
  • Thanks! :) in reply to Sweet by LordMatsu

    At the pace the things are moving, we should have "some sort of something" as beta to be played at some point next year. We don't want to fall short of the objective: making a game to be nice and ...
  • A while back... in reply to They take awhile by LordMatsu

    ...I sent another email. Much shorter and with no links to explain - was kind of hard to not include links about the game in this email. They got back in like a couple of days. So I was thinking ...
  • Indie Game

    Anyone remember that small tweet from Sean a week ago when he said we should send him all about our indie games for promotion? Sent him a couple emails after that and... I don't know if he or his staff ...
  • My name is Geo in reply to Day[9]TV Volunteer List by SteppeLively

    I'm very good at web development (it's my main, so to speak), but I know multiple programming languages and I could launch myself in a project on some other technology with ease.I know picture editing well, I'm no artist but ...
  • Here's a nice video... in reply to Want to make a GAME? by bluedrop

    ...for those who wonder why are we doing this with no money. It's a TED talk about how doing things for money affects behavior versus doing it to see it exist - from pure generosity.
  • I actually thought... in reply to Day[9]ites by Threxor

    it's read day-nanites initially :D However another suggestion "PLOTT FORCE 9" really got to me... :)
  • Happy Birthday 2ean !7! in reply to Happy Birthday Wishes by olevam

    I strongly hope we get to see you blow some candles on air, after you "line'em up!" like @Starcraft suggested :D :DBest of wishes!!! You changed my life. More Starcraft and gaming than ever before. I love eSports! :)And by ...
  • Splinter Cell: Conviction Co - Op in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    Sean, you and Kevin (or JP or Husky or etc. :p) must, simply MUST play the Splinter Cell conviction Co-Op! And if you get to throw in some versus games that would be amazing too!!!!
  • 666 in reply to 600 episodes! O.O by KevinAndersson

    I suspect he'll probably do something for the 666th episode :D more than for the 600th one :)
  • You break something... in reply to You know your a true gamer when... by JiN

    and your mind DESPERATELY searches for the Load Button and you're genuinely bumped the entire day for not having it. Not the problem, but not being able to load beforehand. Oh Tomb Raider 3 & 4 ...
  • Just like the daedric prince... in reply to You can only try this on Standard ladder maps by Day9

    Of the Day[9] plane of Oblivion - I mean Website :D
  • Never :) in reply to I might be in... by RuneKatashima

    No, the game will not make money as is. Maybe some people in the team will be employed or at least contracted by someone who recognizes their talents at what they do, but that would not be technically connected to ...
  • Confirm email in reply to Want to make a GAME? by bluedrop

    Hey guys!!I went through the list of emails and saw that some of you did not respond to the initial email. Since it was possible it was stuck in spam or you simply did not get it, I re-sent it ...
  • 1v1's, 2v2's and more... in reply to Teaching a Friend by printf

    You really learn StarCraft from your opponent, IF he is willing to teach you. If you play an AI, you lose (or win), watch replay (or not), still don't get anything. If you play against a person that's willing to ...
  • Awesome! in reply to I might be interested! by KevinAndersson

    I am very glad you are interested. And you art looks pretty amazing :D! There is no deadline, especially for artwork, since at any time you can jump in and provide some quality representation of one aspect of the game. ...
  • Artowork!!! in reply to Want to make a GAME? by bluedrop

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that Kuba has made some amazing artwork available for the website :)Are here they are with the stories:
  • Contact form in reply to Want to make a GAME? by bluedrop

    Hi guys! Apparently the contact form on the website glitches... somebody told me they sent a mail repeatedly and got no response.So... I would like to assure all of you that I answer every single mail I get. Therefore, if ...
  • email in reply to artwork by khaoz

    Hey! I got your email and sent a mail back, please check your spam/junk folders in case the mail got there and give me a quick reply when you find it. Glad to have you a board! :D