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  • About: Hi! I am a software developer (I should say web programmer since that has been my focus at work, but at home I work in a variety of fields so never mind...) and an occasional gamer. My favorite game ever is StarCraft... ain't that a shocker? but I am also big on RPG's :)
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  • Thank you! in reply to Reddit by syracard

    I received quite a few e-mails with people wanting to help in the past 20 hours!
  • That's amazing! in reply to artwork by khaoz

    Yes, I would very very much like that! And your artwork is really amazing! Do send me your email or some ID so that I can contact you (if you don't want to post it here, please use the contact ...
  • Thanks guys! in reply to Want to make a GAME? by bluedrop

    Thanks guys! And thanks Sean and Day[9] staff for allowing this idea to appear here :D
  • Never bought from Day[9] but... in reply to Something like this by superfisk

    I was thinking of getting the keys but I have a custom keyboard so they won't fit. But this... this is just amazing! :D
  • Nice one :) in reply to I did like a test episode of a stream I was thinking of doing... by ForevrBronze

    This was interesting. You should probably send the replay to Husky for Bronze League Heroes. I think you were trying to hard to be funny in the video. If you would try less and be yourself more it will end ...
  • Submitted idea in reply to About Newbie Tuesday by Gaizokubanou

    I actually submitted this idea to the Day[9] team a couple of months back. The mail was kind of detailed and may have been overlooked for being way too large to fast-read :p, but I also think that resume from ...
  • Found it! in reply to Day[9], stop clipping :) by bluedrop

    It's the pencil you're always circling around your fingers. It's way to close to your mic! And when you drop it on the table it's even worse :D
  • Day[9], stop clipping :) in reply to StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Campaign Playthrough by Day9

    Hey Sean, would've said in chat but I don't have a subscription (yet! :p) - while there are cutscenes you are playing with something that keeps clicking. And since your volume is much higher than the game's volume (and you're ...
  • Thanks! in reply to Awesome! by heyeaps

    Thanks a lot for the kind words heyeaps! I am looking forward to working with you! :D
  • Yes I am interested in reply to awesome :] by prometheus0099

    Yes, you helping design puzzles would be great. Send me your contact information and we'll see how we can start putting those skills to work!
  • It's an actual game :) in reply to a bit confused by prometheus0099

    This is becoming an actual game. The lore is there to provide content for everyone who wants to know about the game and help provide a clear picture for the future gamer. After the game's release, many of the lore ...
  • Thanks! in reply to Thread longevity by ntucker

    Thanks for the advice! You are correct :D
  • You are so right! in reply to Super good concept :) by LordMatsu

    Yes I know! However, the game development is not at the stage that allows for the high-rez screenshots that I want to represent it. However, as soon as I have the screenshots I believe are representative I will post them ...
  • No textbook... in reply to This looks like a cool idea! by Carth

    The game development I started in OpenGL because I am really familiar with it but any graphic experienced person will be able to offer ideas and help with geometry and graphical concepts! Send me a mail, you are welcome if ...
  • Thank you :) in reply to Want to make a GAME? by bluedrop

    Thanks to all of those who have already used my contact form and want to help. I seem to have forgotten to let you know that you must use a valid email in the email field or leave some kind ...
  • Want to make a GAME?

    Hi guys! I've been working on a game for quite some time and just got the game's website up to gather as much community around it as it can :D
  • Would be nice.... in reply to Funday Monday After the Best of the Beta by Blobthe15

    Since beta is down, he could do a WoL Funday Monday for all those that don't have HotS yet :) I would love to see some bad-ass reapers destroying mineral lines/buildings in a few shots :D
  • Oh.. I guess I haven't got beta long enough then... in reply to old replay by joel.westerlund.756

    And there I was about to rejoice that I can actually somehow drop 12 mayhem machines with only three medivacs... It's harder to do "drops of doom" nowadays...
  • BUG?? in reply to Day[9] Daily #559 - Funday Monday: Best of the Beta by Day9

    Did anybody else notice in Part 2 at 14:06 the medivac drops 4 Hellbats (in Hellbat form!) when it was suppose to be able to carry only 2 (as it does at 5:32) ?!
  • White-Ra is 32... in reply to Restart by IceBinki

    You're never too old indeed. If you really want something, you'll find the time and energy to get it done :) Look at Day[9]! He does soooooo many things and still finds the time to fit in a "day off" ...