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  • It's all true but... in reply to thanks guys :D by joel.westerlund.756

    The number of marines and the extra damage would have made the difference. One marauder is "tougher" than 2 marines, but not than 4-5 marines (both life and damage-wise). And with some micro and splitting he could have dodged most ...
  • I'm sorry in reply to Situational considerations by ntucker

    I did not consider my answer to be "blanked" since I was answering someone who was confused about a very specific situation in the game. Did not mean it to sound "blanked".
  • Watch the game again :) in reply to The math of marine/marauder production by ntucker

    You probably need to take another look at how his base was laid out, how his resources were and what was the entire situation about.
  • Production rate with source in reply to Marine production rate by ntucker

    Marine costs 50 minerals, takes 1 supply and builds in 25 seconds.2 Marines (reactor) will cost 100 minerals, take 2 supply and build in 25 seconds (reactor)1 Marauder costs 100 minerals, 25 gas, takes 2 supply and builds in 30 ...
  • It think it's because... in reply to im confused by joel.westerlund.756

    Marines can get a faster concave and have faster firing speed. Also, they take much less resources to build and are built faster. Basically, for each marauder there he could have had 4-5 marines (resource-wise (+2 marines) + less time ...
  • This newbie TUESDAY was amazing!! in reply to Day[9] Daily #556 - Newbie Tuesday - HotS! by Day9

    I learned a lot and I am grateful Sean for sharing this with us :) As far as the first game goes, I have a question: Do you think that if he would have killed the nexus then sent one ...
  • GOS I in reply to What kind of game would YOU make? by Day9

    Hi guys! I am working on a game for some years now, and just got up the website to start building the community around it. The game started with the uncreative name of Role Playing Game - Open Source (RPG ...