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  • never played before in reply to Dota 2 by Blues

    I've never played DOTA or DOTA 2 before but a friend recently gave it to me on steam and so I've been trying to figure out how to play and have read a few guides and think i get the ...
  • becca you're wonderful <3 in reply to Celebration Thread by itsbecca

    This is such a wonderful idea for a thread for people who don't have anyone to talk to about starcraft becca thank you so much for being so supportive and loving to everyone here and helping promote the wonderful spirit ...
  • awesome! in reply to Im in Virginia beach when im not at college by samuser1234

    do you go to college out of state?
  • Depends on how far you're willing to drive in reply to Hey by PandaWarlord998

    Its about an hour drive from you to Farmville, but if youre willing to travel that far to participate in some starcraft type events, even just compete in a tournament, then you'd be helping tons :)
  • indeed in reply to At First, by seren

    sadly, I have been getting that response quite a bit haha but we are the true FarmVille lol
  • Trying to start group in Virginia

    So I live in Farmville, Virginia and attand Longwood university(although I live in Chesapeake on breaks and such) and am looking for any of you great people out there interested in Esports and StarCraft 2 that would be interested in ...
  • thank you in reply to Hello Alex, by dustin.kallberg

    thank you for your input and I'll give your strategy a try.
  • please help with races(just looking for general opinions)

    Well, first I just want to give some background info about my experience with starcraft 2. So I've been playing for about a year now, but have only in the last maybe 4 or 5 months decided to actually try ...
  • 1/1/1 TvT

    So I am a lower league player(just got into gold today) and I took some of day9's advice and in the lower leagues I just found one build I like and did it in every match up and every situation ...
  • simple really in reply to Hmm by Foblos

    i dont want anything special, all i'm really looking for is something able to play starcraft 2 on one of the higher settings for graphics as well as maybe decent ability for streaming sc2 and i would be happy
  • where in reply to $ by Foblos

    where did you build your computer at and do you think you could help me with the deatils of getting one for about $500?
  • what do you think in reply to The Iron Squid Chapter II - Round of 16 Part 1 by Day9

    what do you guys(and maybe you too day9 if you see this ^^ ) think of such high level players queing up things like probes(MC had 5 probes qued up at the beginning of game 5) instead of waiting and ...
  • how much in reply to Agreed by Foblos

    how much did you spend on building your computer?
  • thanks in reply to GPU Charts by ntucker

    i couldnt find that specific card on that website, but here is a link to the PC i was looking at, maybe you can give me your opinion as to how well it would work for SC2
  • graphics card

    so im thinking of buying a new computer and wanted to know if this graphics card would be good enough to run starcraft on its highest graphics or close to it at least
  • thanks in reply to Simple Answer, But mostly correct by WDEyanks

    thanks everybody for your input. anyone have suggestions where i could get the best computer for a decent price?(less than 1000)
  • computer help

    So I'm relatively new to PC gaming(been a long time console gamer, but starcraft is my first serious PC game) and only have a typical laptop, but am looking into buying a new desktop computer for gaming and just was ...
  • no in reply to lol by DayNineFANBOY

    i just wanted to know which real league you are in and you still have yet to say what strategy you use. i just need a little basic info like that to help you out
  • ok in reply to ? by DayNineFANBOY

    plastic isnt a league. there's bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master, and grandmaster. you also didnt say what build you were using
  • ? in reply to plastic by DayNineFANBOY

    what do you mean plastic and you didnt answer my questions at all?