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  • Have fun! Lol cliche but true. in reply to Tips on Getting Started by GamingPandaz

    But actually, poke around and find a play style (any play style) that suits you. It'll serve you fine while you learn the game. If you can muster the patience, play as much arena as you can. It'll net you ...
  • Any input on a priest deck

    Any impressions on this priest deck? I'm hovering around level 15 with it, and I think I need to change something soon, I'm just not sure what. If i get the combos it works great, but an early silence or ...
  • Sounds like explorer is broken in reply to Windows Tech Problem I need Help with by krisna.siv

    See if you can boot the computer into safe mode (mash F8 I think, it should say when you boot). If it gets to there, then i suspect you can look up some command line magic to get the update ...
  • I wouldn't say conceding is BM in reply to Hearthstone BM (And Hearthstone BM?) by PickledParsleyParty

    What I usually do if I know I've lost is throw out any cards I can (my theory is so someone can see what I was holding, just to give them more information on how they won), and then concede, ...
  • I think you meant Druid xD. in reply to Gnawed To Death - Deck by holylime

    Anyways, for the theme of that deck, I would question wild growth and healing touch. To me, wild growth if for getting to big dudes faster, which isn't really an issue for you. Healing touch is nice, but see how ...
  • Yeah, mostly what the others have said... in reply to Buy 2 win? by Grnite

    Don't get too down if you've only played for a week. And don't get too upset about the legendaries, they'll come eventually and in my experience so far they don't affect the game too too much (I've beat several deck ...
  • Good central place to keep track of tournament results in reply to Quick question - Short answer(s) by Riuna

    This is probably something I should know by now, but is there a site to keep track of tournament results and player rankings (as well as one can)? Besides, which hasn't been convenient for me the couple times I ...
  • Torchlight, anyone? in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    I haven't looked to see if anyone else suggested it, but Torchlight or Torchlight 2? Torchlight 2 would be a good chance to have a co-op day off. It might be too long though...
  • You sir in reply to Masters Star Craft 2 with the xbox360 controller Toss/zerg by Cress

    are pretty awesome. For what it's worth, what you're doing is pretty impressive :)
  • I'm all for the allowances in reply to Overdoing it makes you lose sight of the issue by Protosaurus

    when it doesn't result in an uneven test. That's the only allowance I really have an issue with. There are lots of note taking, study space, and scheduling accommodations that make perfect sense. To take your example, 15 minutes on ...
  • Accountability, and a question in reply to If you could redesign school: by Day9

    The most important thing I can see is teach kids to be accountable for their work. As a current college student, every time there's midterms I end up listening about how "That teacher made my grade bad." Also, it needs ...
  • Just info in reply to Your Computer Desktop by krisna.siv

    No desktop icons, just computer information some notes, and other tidbits using rainmeter (blacked out spot is my ip address). My pinned icons somewhat change based on what I'm doing at the time. Plus some Zergbugs to look at (: