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  • Running a varient of this with... in reply to Fatigue Mage by Savjz by LordMatsu

    ...+2 earthen ring, -1 illuminator, -1 ice block, +1 blizzard, -1 poly...I first saw it on a guy's stream named ItsOtter about 1.5 weeks ago, so not sure who came up with it first, though he also played without illum/ice ...
  • response in reply to Most requests I've received have not been negative by Elyzium

    I know what are you saying about feeling like it's the fault of the harassed person for accepting--you see lots of people saying "don't like it, don't click accept," etc. But to be fair, that is one way to get ...
  • Don't believe there is a way to report... in reply to Harassment in Hearthstone by Elyzium

    ...but you have to realize that some% ~50% of the people (completely made up statistic) messaging you to be friends after a game are going to be hostile, whether you won or lost. I can usually tell by how the ...
  • A GvG pali that has decent matchups against most.

    Hi there, just wanted to share a deck that has taken me from rank 20 to rank 5 with an almost 70% win rate. I knew I wouldn't have much time to play this season, so figured I'd just make ...
  • You made a good point; he responded hostilely in reply to I get what you're saying by Terrestrial

    Some people complain to the universe, and the only response that will satisfy them is one that agrees with them one hundred per cent. You made a good point, but you didn't agree with him, and so he said you ...
  • Pretty Cool in reply to Hearthstone Coffee Table! by rufus.flowen

    Noticed you are selling it too. A bit out of my price range, but someone would be lucky to buy it :) Very cool!
  • Hope you plan on doing this again! in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Battle Royale - Anyone can play! by Day9

    I got this game just because I watched you stream it and it piqued my interest! So much fun lol, but unfortunately the day you were streaming I was super busy so I couldn't join in the action :( Been ...
  • But...Hearthstone!! in reply to I get the hype but... SC2!!! by KarelTheTossMaster

    Hey, I just made an account to respond, heh. I've always been an avid watcher of Sean's. I don't subscribe, but I do always enjoy his shows, usually after they've been published on youtube. I have to say, I love ...