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  • Artificial Intelligence Brood War Tournament

    There is an Artificial Intelligence tournament in Brood War running right now, so check it out!42 AI bots programmed in C++ and Java by students & programmers around the globe are gonna play 861 games 24/7 over the following 5+ ...
  • Matches are controlled by automated scripts in reply to A request to those people participating in this by Pollux

    Hi and thanks for the feedback. I should explain that the streams are fully automated and nobody is actually controlling the games (since they're running 24/7 for several months). There is just a couple of scripts that start and stop ...
  • StarCraft 2 bots in reply to Old school only? by dav36rye

    Now that's a good topic. In layman terms, to code a bot for any game, you need a collection of functions that allow you any computer program (bot) to access the game state and actually play. This collection is called ...
  • Sean? in reply to I love it. by skod

    Me too. I'm afraid he's quite busy, but if more people requested it... there might be a chance :-)
  • RoboCup in reply to Great idea by Moomintroll

    There is still a competition in robot football called RoboCup. It's sometimes funny to watch, but it's not so interesting in terms of AI research. Participants there are forced to solve many low-level hardware/physical world related issues which draws attention ...
  • Artificial Intelligence tournament starting and streaming LIVE!

    You probably heard of the SC tournament of custom Artificial Intelligence bots called SSCAI. It comes with live streams, achievement system, unlockable portraits for bots and so on. That kind of stuff. Several people from this forum participate in it. ...