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  • Guardians of Atlas - what happened?!

    I'm a long time RTS player and was SOOOO excited for GoA. The recent alpha footage I saw on YouTube looked great. I was pumped! I just visited and found that it was shut down... I've looked around but ...
  • Agree in reply to I sort of agree by MoltenGold

    You're on the money with the voice overs. The game just felt so empty in regards to content for them to discuss/criticize/laugh at. I recall Sean P. bringing up Indiana Jones games multiple times in the past - which is ...
  • cautiously excited.. in reply to Mostly Walking - Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis #1 by Day9

    I super support the decision to drop the previous title, but unless i'm mistaken, some of the members have already played this game before. "The Dig" was so enjoyable for me because none of you knew what to do, and ...