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  • Good to hear what people are interested in in reply to Day[9]TV Store by Terakahn

    New ideas or old designs, I'm sure the team would like to see what people have to say here and on the ol' Discord. Just in case, here's the DBH store: http://dbh.la/day9
  • Handing Off the Festival!!

    It's been more than two years since I took on running the DayKnight Festival. During that time, I've had the chance to work with great volunteers throughout the DK community. Behind the scenes, we've worked to put together a framework ...
  • 7 Days @ The Festival

    We've put some information for BIu3b1rd's 7 Days to Die event up on the Festival Website. This includes information for finding the server during the event this Saturday. If you have the game, make sure to help your fellow DayKnights ...
  • D&D Games at the Festival

    In case you're interested in D&D or other traditional RPG systems, or trying to find groups to play with, we've just posted some information for Nomikkh's D&D Festival stream over at:
  • Party up, folks! in reply to HoTS party for overwatch skin by rob-pellizzari

    Also, people should check the Discord for others looking for groups. There should be a lot of knights available on the weekends.
  • Already set for hair in reply to Update by AtomicTwinkie

    Looks like your geometry's all set for the hair though, a quick add in Maya. I personally prefer Maya over Max, but that double wall for the inside of the helmet is one place where I've found Max to be ...
  • Multiple Uses in reply to Starting a Stream by Leonoux

    I tend to like flexibility. From that perspective, and wrt Blue, I've really liked the Blue Yeti Pro. Onboard USB if needed, but I can run through my audio gear with the XLR output. I don't know how it compares ...
  • A Game Ahead of Its Time in reply to Journeyman Project! by jonathan-ryan

    I'm always interested to hear what others think of this game and series. Having played the original even before Myst, the series was definitely formative for me. As a kid, the limited amount of background conveyed through the story, coupled ...
  • Nice! in reply to dayMug emote by Maja_Summ

    Best way to get mugged.
  • Perhaps a couple questions there? in reply to I miss the format of the old "Day[9] Daily" by Sgt.Slaughter

    At the risk of being pedantic, I'd consider format and style separate, and I'd guess you're curious whether others feel like the style has changed.(?) I'd say definitely. Format (at least for Tuesday-Thursday)? Not really.
  • TwitchCon 2016 Information

    TwitchCon is fast approaching, with less than a week before some of you start traveling to San Diego, CA. Last year's conference was full of great sessions, new games and tech to play around with, and great opportunities to meet ...
  • Concept Artists and Modelers

    ArtStation runs some interesting high-energy contests (see the results from their recent contest with ILM at ILM Challenge Results). These contests are more geared towards professionals and consultants, those looking to break into the field but that have already done ...
  • A Rare Breed of Awesome in reply to Large Weekend-long LAN party in Waterloo, ON! by travis.willard.96

    This sounds super cool! Is there any way to get involved if one is far away? Realize that is kind of counter to the idea of the LAN. :) Do they stream anything from the event?
  • Curse vs. Discord (re: Twitch Announcement)

    Given the announcement by Twitch of the acquisition of Curse (https://blog.twitch.tv/twitch-and-curse-8ae2b20acf91#.373eykatf), I'm curious what the general DK experience has been with Curse, separately but also with respect to Discord. Do you use Curse? Do you use Discord? Pros and cons ...
  • Hmm, Discord? in reply to Anyone want to play some Borderlands? by BrilliantMaster

    I wonder if anyone is playing on the community Discord? I bet there have to be some DKs that would be interested in this. Related, sometimes it can be nice to find a group that is all unfamiliar with the ...
  • Haven't seen that before in reply to unauthorized? by printf

    It also doesn't look like a standard Django error, which I believe the forums run on. Would suggest the normal stuff, log out, clear cache, log in.
  • Legacy Changes in reply to My own attempt by MoW8192

    I'm curious how some of these change with Legacy (perhaps because of changes to units or from some of the new ones). An example is something with queens, but it sounds like you guys already have done one of those.
  • Yay!!! in reply to Heart and motivation by Lydirawr

    [Shouts from across the hallway]
  • Nice! in reply to Attempting every funday monday challenge! by taranack

    This is awesome! I hope you keep doing these, and maybe some new players will find them. We scraped the show notes for the Fundays in preparation for a Festival event (just checked the json, had 124 entries). Some of ...