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  • Sweet! in reply to Thank you! by tanner.hickman

    Apparently the Day9 team likes hard-to-search-for spellings, in addition to arythmic music or tracks with unconventional beats. Really, credit goes to the DKs who track down these songs and maintain the playlists. I don't know if others help out, but ...
  • Some leads in reply to Artists Day9 talks about in Heartstone Video #224 - Part 1 by tanner.hickman

    Creeps is actually Qreepz. Tends to be on Soundcloud. Not sure about No Such Thing, though. While I don't have any context, given the style of music played during shows, it is most likely on the playlists, if available:
  • Not to be taken lightly in reply to Is it safe for me to keep training? by Lydirawr

    DISCLAIMER: Never take medical advice from forums, especially not in lieu of consultation with your doctor! I had a classmate in school, died on the basketball court, similar sounding thing. Until you have a doctor clear you (and perhaps continue ...
  • #GymLordyCrosspost in reply to I LOVE this idea! by Lydirawr

    Hope y'all don't mind me hopping over for a bit. At the risk of sounding like a Bro, I just wanted to volunteer some bullet items from personal experience wrt running. I've recently had to reduce my running due to ...
  • DayKnights Deploy in reply to TwitchCon 2016 by paifjes

    Definitely! I'm sure there will be a lot more information appearing on the forums, particularly when we start organizing events, but from talking to people and extrapolating, I'd estimate there are at least 30 or 35 who already have tickets ...
  • Separate the Challenges As Much As Possible in reply to I found this useful too (so I'm glad you bumped it). by SEVENofN0NE

    Speaking generally, you're always going to have the issue of lag when you're, essentially, sharing your desktop. There are lots of solutions out there that aren't even in the game space. TeamViewer, ReadyTalk, BlueJeans, Skype for Business (used to be ...
  • Masters are still around in reply to Brood war dailies by MoW8192

    It doesn't directly help people trying to find them, but staff did mention (maybe even on that thread) that the masters are on local drives, as well. Don't know whether they have any intent to post on YouTube, though.
  • Mobile Support on festival site

    We were hearing from a lot of people that the lack of mobile support was an issue on the Winter 2015 DayKnight Festival website, so I sat down and hacked it up. I've had some of our awesome volunteers click ...
  • Awesome! in reply to Registering right naaaooooowwww.... by mirrageofhope

    We try to move the events around, time of day-wise, so make sure to hit that "notify of future streaming" or whatever I called it!
  • Festival Registrations Are Open!

    We've pushed a major update to the DayKnight Festival website at www.dayknightfestival.net! This site is one of the primary ways you'll be able to see who is streaming during the event, and will provide the information you'll need to get ...
  • DayKnight Festival Winter 2015

    As seasons change around and the year comes to a close, it is time to celebrate in DayKnight fashion with fun and games! The Winter DayKnight festival, starting December 19th 2015, 3pm PST/6pm EST (and running probably at least three ...
  • Viewing in reply to Question about Ports and Twitch.tv by mumblecrust

    80 and 443, of course. I see some traffic on 1935, 843 and 6667 for chat related stuff.Google says injest is 1935. For example, from the Obs forums.
  • Prominence in reply to Sorry man by ChrispyK

    I actually think it makes sense for something to be there, and hope they don't remove it. Even if Day9 can't do regular SC2 shows (see the Reddit threads, the discussions on here, etc. ad nauseum), there's a big part ...
  • Market Research in reply to No by InvalidUsername

    I've read and spoken to a lot of the community that specifically identifies the Funday Monday shows as something they wish were still possible. However, they don't tend to state whether they say this because they enjoyed watching the show, ...
  • Picture this... in reply to dayKnight Time! by Lecta

    Last week, we broke in Legacy of the Void with some monobattle artistry. Tonight, we make art of a different kind in the pictionary arcade game in Starcraft 2. If it doesn't load in Legacy, be prepared to adjust. :)
  • 43 in reply to Fallout 4 Contest 4 for NVIDIA 980Ti - Day[9] Master Thief @ 7pm by WHiT3R4bBiT

    The ultimate question is why not 42?
  • 18 in reply to Fallout 4 Contest 2 for NVIDIA 980Ti - Day[9] Master Thief @ 3pm by WHiT3R4bBiT

    The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Pins.
  • 12 in reply to Fallout 4 Contest 3 for NVIDIA 980Ti - Day[9] Death Count @ 7pm by WHiT3R4bBiT

    There is math behind this. Somewhere. Really far back. Behind that old refridgerator.
  • 7 in reply to Fallout 4 Contest 1 for NVIDIA 980Ti - Day[9] Death Count @ 3pm by WHiT3R4bBiT

    We call it "Physimatics"
  • There's a Blizzard in Southern California!

    Howdy all! I've heard people in various places asking if there are any DayKnight activities going on as part of BlizzCon. I'm not going, but I'm curious who all is. Plus, the DKs love group photos. Make sure to get ...