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  • Another Qreepz song in reply to dat song by chaos0547

    At that time stamp is: https://soundcloud.com/qreepz/tongues-ft-esslu
  • Believe you might be looking for Qreepz in reply to Stream Music from the first Overwatch stream, last break by Mixzedup

    88 Ultra - Qreepz Wednesday LeahtheShadow and 1opinionated have created playlists that list a lot of the songs: http://day9.tv/d/1opinionated/day9-slow-jams-playlists/
  • Possibly from the Hunter Hunted OST in reply to Music? by Roamer

    Did a quick glance back at the first day playthough, and while the edited ones don't have the music during the break, the Hunter Hunted OST was mentioned. At time of writing, this can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZ2zXOgu5x8
  • btw in reply to Jinx by cohLysion

    even "no" (ie. not interested in either) answers on that poll are useful :)
  • Jinx in reply to Hoodie: Day knight t shirt by CCrunner17

    Last it came up talking to Steph, she explained that Day9tv apparel including items that use the DayKnight logo are required to go through Jinx, so it's not quite as simple as sending to a print-on-demand service. However, it is ...
  • Hmm, Ramen, Eggs Benedict and Mimosas in reply to Ramen Brunch? by Balgrin

    Winning combo.
  • Ooh, good point! in reply to Submitted! by LeahTheShadow

    We can get a room phone number or other local number once you're here, and otherwise rely on email. And, thanks!
  • Info form! in reply to Wrangling everyone's info by cohLysion

    Hi everyone! We've got some information for people attending in various areas, email threads, forum posts and such. We've created a google form to try to consolidate this info. If you've already supplied your info elsewhere, we'll make sure to ...
  • Info Form in reply to DayKnight Twitchcon Sunday Brunch by Trumpetmcool

    We've put together an information request form for TwitchCon! This is definitely optional, no one needs to fill it out, but as we describe on the form, we want everyone to have a great time, learn lots and meet all ...
  • This sounds like a great idea! in reply to DayKnight Twitchcon Sunday Brunch by Trumpetmcool

    I'll be checking out places near Moscone this weekend, can look at brunch spots, I'll report back what I find. Probably easier than dragging people down to Cafe Borone in MP (personal fav).
  • Many routes, some of them slow in reply to Young, naive and inexperienced looking for advice by patsha.ha

    Starting at like 13, I hung out in this airbrush shop to try to learn what I could. I'd bring in my artwork, they'd give me pointers. Eventually, they had me start practicing things in the shop, since I was ...
  • You were totally on base in reply to Of course! by GMFaustus

    The tutorial in Skullgirls was super helpful. I guess this is a "by-the-way"?
  • Fighting games? in reply to GUYS! I'm starting up a bunch of gaming shows. by GMFaustus

    Does Skullgirls fit in anywhere? :)
  • Cross comparison in reply to RaidCall English is Ending by LordMatsu

    Especially for those that have used many of these platforms, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts relative to the others out there (eg. Mumble servers, Vent, TeamSpeak, the existing RaidCall structure).
  • Relationship Cohlysions in reply to DayKnight Dating by patsha.ha

    I'd be the first to admit I'm probably not the best reference, but I'll throw out some wisdom/advice as one of the self-proclaimed Old Ones around here. All of it might not apply to everyone, but you'll find that with ...
  • Macro Mechanics and Game Modes

    Summary: If you have an element of a game that is orthogonal to everything else, what are the costs/benefits from including changes to that element as different game modes? Parallel to this, would SC2 benefit from macro mechanics being a ...
  • Cross-Post in reply to Thank you for the great resource! by Lecta

    If I may hop in here: Sorry to hear that. I personally don't agree with whoever that was, technically and also in spirit. With respect to technique: while I don't profess to know "Fitness™", I know what my muscles, breathing ...
  • How did we do this as kids?! in reply to #GymLordyKnights by bout.t.fiddy.5

    Yesterday's workout was a bunch of planks, squats and crunches using those big bouncy ball things, and then we played tag. Yes, tag. First time in a long while that I've actually had to think about oxygen management. I'm amazed ...
  • During the school year in reply to Thanks man! by Balgrin

    It should probably pick up once the school year is back in full swing. If I may sidebar a bit: I feel like the majority of the push in the Bay Area (to whatever extent) is in fighting games. It ...