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  • Ah, "D Tiberio" in reply to 29:43 by jessi-rogers

    spotify:artist:28ffXAtsOs3aKCBWQ6LQo5 https://soundcloud.com/dtiberio
  • To make it easier in reply to Music Help by jessi-rogers

    Would you mind throwing a YouTube link in here at the time stamp you're referring to?
  • Sweet! in reply to I should be streaming some SCII around that time! by andrew-k-smith

    Let us know when you go live, in case we miss it!
  • Showdown eSports in reply to Don't worry, I've done it all before by Balgrin

    Showdown does a lot of things in the city and south bay, at minimum is a name to keep in mind as you're looking around (they run out of multiple venues).To your question, though, Friday Night Fight Club (the local ...
  • Awesome! in reply to Thanks! by Balgrin

    Glad to hear it!
  • Streamer Info in reply to I'll stream + help where/when I can by Airo

    Cool! We hope to have some info for streamers out by the close of the weekend, and will have at least one info session on [RaidCall] for those that might/will be involved. The current thought is, for streamers that can ...
  • Rocket League During Next DayKnight Festival?

    I'm curious whether anyone would be interested in playing some Rocket League during the event next week? Any DK Streamers running the game on their shows?
  • BorrowLenses.com in reply to URGENT HELP! - Need to borrow a tripod this WEDS!! by Balgrin

    Don't have one available, but maybe one from borrowlenses.com? They have pick up locations throughout the bay, and their info page even seems to indicate they'll courier from their San Carlos HQ.
  • DayKnight Festival Arriveth

    "Arriveth" is a word, right? DayKnight Writer's Group, back me up on this. This is it DayKnights, tomorrow is the day for some fun and games.
  • Trying to remember in reply to Music Help - Mostly Walking Break Music (Broken Age) by Madwarlockii

    I have a vague memory of Death Magic, from Rbts Win, off the album Palm Sunday, playing at some point during that episode's breaks, but I'm not sure if it's the one you are thinking of.Here's a link to the ...
  • Anyone doing the Ladder Challenge?

    I haven't tried it myself, but I like systems like this, novel ways to use the API and parsing toolset to provide learning systems. http://sc2replaystats.com/blog/archives/908
  • DayKnight Festival Survey

    Hello all you awesome people! We've got a short survey up that we hope some of you might have a few quick minutes to fill out for us. We're looking for general information from people that might be interested in ...
  • It Sounds Like August 1st in reply to Are the DayKnights Feeling Festive? by cohLysion

    It sounds like August 1st would be a good date to target for. Cool beans! Thanks all!
  • Does Lore Impact Balance Changes?

    While reading r/starcraft threads on the recent zerg drop changes in the beta, I started to wonder how much lore figures into balancing a game. A lot of the comments seemed to be digging down into resource costs and timing, ...
  • The Dryest of Laughs in reply to Ohai der by GMFaustus

    Yeah, you might. :DCommunication inbound...
  • Extended Dates, and a Curious Question in reply to Are the DayKnights Feeling Festive? by cohLysion

    UPDATE: 6/18/15 - I'm starting to get some responses, which is awesome! Thanks everyone so far. What I'm hearing is that August works better, so I've edited the doodle to go further into August. If you've already checked out the ...
  • Are the DayKnights Feeling Festive?

    I've heard people asking recently about when another DayKnight Festival will be happening, and thought I'd start checking to see how much interest there would be in one. By the way, I can't tip my hat enough, GMFaustus (and maybe ...
  • Sweet! in reply to I need this by Lecta

    While schedules change, it sounded like people traveling in were split (last I heard) between attending both days or just Saturday. Assuming there will be a mix of content, I'm imagining Friday will be the technical day, with Saturday being ...
  • Bubble sorting? in reply to Must watch games by Terakahn

    I bet people have made (attempts at) lists of these, but quick searches on TL and r/starcraft didn't come up with anything. Of course, a DK version has its own merit. If I was to make a serious attempt at ...
  • Wrangling everyone's info in reply to Twitchcon Plans! by idlesatire

    When we start to get closer, I'll hit you up for the information you've got, as at least for those who are okay with it, I'd like to keep track of when people are arriving and leaving to make sure ...