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  • About: Accelerator Physicist, Artist, Entrepreneur, Gamer, Runner (in alphabetical order) +
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  • Mixing meta for...? in reply to Brevity by SteppeLively

    <babble> As with almost any online content, some of the responses to these articles have been amusing. They reduce to "Why are you talking to player of X about game Y?" or "Everyone knows game X is better than Y, ...
  • Late to the party in reply to Ludica publications by EveWhite

    Currently getting an "account suspended" page from their host. It looks like Google has cached the articles, though.Searching on some of the journal engines, Celia Pearce (brief search, only one I looked for right now) has a lot of interesting ...
  • [placeholder] in reply to DayKnight Time Intro Song Name Creation by Trumpetmcool

  • It goes purple. in reply to VoD by djnial

    Really like the build up to the dark purple part (for lack of a time stamp :)).
  • Too bad AFK isn't open yet... in reply to East bay is where I'll be based by Balgrin

    http://word.afk.gg At any rate, there might be some local events going on while you'll be here that a meet up might use as an anchor point:Pandora House is starting their B-League series of the upcoming Nor Cal Fight Club season ...
  • Where in the bay will you be? in reply to Coming to California - I want to meet some DayKnights! by Balgrin

    SF/East Bay/South Bay/Peninsula?
  • Technical Writing? in reply to DayKnight Writer's Hangout by SteppeLively

    I bet it is outside the normal character of the this hangout, but I'm curious whether any of the folk who join have technical writing experience? I bet some of the tools, best practices, etc. overlap between, but do people ...
  • Got tickets today in reply to IEM San Jose Dec 6-7 by Elyzium

    It's sweet to have something in the bay, definitely not one to miss.
  • Not many options come to mind in reply to Bay Area Arcades by vigothedespised

    In addition to the Golflands (can vouch for these, went to the first of the Nor Cal Fight Clubs at the Milpitas one, where EG's Ricky Ortiz totally destroyed everyone else), there are some more incidental type places that come ...
  • DayKnight and community chat during the event in reply to Good news, bad news by Trumpetmcool

    Just a side note, many DayKnights and community tend to be in the day9 twitch (irc) channel during events. For instance (at least last time I checked) if you watch the stream via the embed here at day9.tv, the chat ...
  • The awesome is strong with this one. in reply to Also, a travesty... by NakeDex

    Title says it all...
  • Other currencies in reply to Mirrageofhope's Race for Life ( Ended...mainly updates now) by mirrageofhope

    Hi Laura and Knights, Anyone know why the justgiving website doesn't seem to allow selection of other currencies? Their help pages say that the drop down should have lots of options. Wondering if anyone else has tried it recently. (maybe ...
  • "All in the eye of the mouse holder"? in reply to Not sure by mitchell.schofield.9

    I'm all for life-hacking to improve skills, so I applaud the OP writing this. That being said, given what this, and small additions to the code could do, (I'd guess, haven't seen it, but would be simple to add color ...
  • Cohlysion; as in "Particle Collisions" in reply to Day[9]TV Volunteer List by SteppeLively

    Adding mine in case you can use an updated pool.
  • Have a great time! in reply to starting at 6:30 PDT tonight! by nomikkh

    I'll probably still be at work, so won't be able to join or lurk, but have an awesome time! I'm not involved in the production, but to those that haven't joined before, it's a great opportunity to meet some of ...
  • First monobattle I played was on a DKHO in reply to Y'know... by NakeDex

    got Hellions - kept telling myself they are just zerglings with a ranged attack. It did not go well.
  • Design context in reply to New and Improved DayKnights Symbol! by ChromeEdition

    For amusement, I started building a model of this for some renders (OT: was trying to do it poly, kept jumping between Max and Maya, can't decide which is "better" for this type of poly modeling). Got me wondering, just ...
  • Unless separate edition... in reply to DayKnights Shirt Poll by WHiT3R4bBiT

    I voted B because you don't want a full-fill design to use too much area unless you plan to do a separate women's cut shirt.
  • LF: input from event organizers: re: ISPs

    Not entirely sure the title makes sense. I'm curious whether it is feasible to hold matches and stream them as an event (ie. with the bandwidth overhead of an event) while using any of the rf-based service providers, in the ...
  • many aspects of this would be great in reply to Funday Monday Tournament? by jellyfish

    I think there is a fair amount of potential here. Would be an interesting process to follow, even just for the organization and execution. As for the format, I wonder if it would depend a bit on the tournament format. ...