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  • Broader Applications, as well in reply to Blog #9: Artillery's Gaming Platform - A Video Demo! by Day9

    In my work, I can imagine a lot of non-gaming uses for a dynamic, responsive UI that is interacting with centralized data through a browser. I'll be interested to get a look at the developer resources.
  • DayNasty in reply to You need a name by Day9

    I'm really not sure about this one. Can we use limit notation or a triple integral? Other math references? The NumberLine? The BoundaryConditions? Something involving the hamiltonian of a system where potential energy somehow spikes as something approaches 9? Does ...
  • Ooops, wasn't clear with my previous... in reply to Are you sure you heard nothing? by Imagine

    Sorry, what I was referring to as missing was the motion graphics of the player's names. The casters are definitely speaking the names. :)
  • WCS Game Intros: Awkward Pause

    Does anyone happen to know any back story on this? Watching the WCS games (at least the WCS america), it seems like they really planned for what might be called "GSL Style" player intro segments, where they zoom into the ...
  • Should add... in reply to Thanks! by imaperson

    I didn't play with it much because I'm still at work. Definitely plan to explore some more later. :)
  • Razer Comms Experience

    I'm curious whether anyone has tried out Razer Comms yet, and has any comment on functionality, stability and ease of use.
  • Nice work! in reply to Collaborative Strategy Tool (looking for feedback) by imaperson

    I like this. Didn't play with it too much, but seems pretty clean, and could be a nice whiteboard for people. Casters might use it for demonstrative purposes, in which case it would be nice to have a way to ...
  • Even looking at airfare in reply to Np by LordMatsu

    It's tempting to fly down and meet everyone, but I have to be back in the bay early on the 26th. Should be fun, though!
  • Negate tldr; ? in reply to Why s2protocol is great by GraylinKim

    I'm not sure what the negation of "tldr" is, but it'd be awesome to read any more you have to say on the subject (or have said in the past, will be searching). I don't have any experience with either ...
  • s2protocol

    I'm pretty stoked about s2protocol, and patch 2.0.8. I hadn't looked at Sc2gears or GGTracker for a while (since they were still early in dev), but they've already done so much. Still, I think there is some good opportunity with ...
  • PCSS usually accompanied by bouts of ALFS + PG/LW in reply to Hey man by Cthulhu

    It seems rare that they have the full match available to watch after its been played. However, since PCSS is usually accompanied by ALFS (all night finals studying) plus PG/LW (paper-grading and lab work), you may well be up when ...
  • Event schedules in reply to New to Competitive Starcraft, first question, how do I watch GSL? by Cthulhu

    Good questions; I've been thinking about the second question a lot lately, and I wonder whether others will add their own setups.
  • Tech. and Dev.: Marquee Match Results Aggregation and Summarization

    A lot of the data displays that you can find on TeamLiquid, or Gom, or the event pages are nicely done, as they start to add more interactivity to interesting data. For reference, I've linked those pages at the bottom ...
  • Pitfalls in reply to I'm on it by Elmswood

    In my experience, there are always lots of things I miss, or could do better (in the specifics), but it's almost better to just ask people/search specifically. But aside from the general things about dev (find your minimum viable product, ...
  • Bringing it together in reply to Streaming 101 by LordMatsu

    Good how-to. There could be differences between the various software (in this case Xsplit vs CamTwist) that would impact quality, but in the linked article, his max (allowed) bit rate is almost twice yours. Everything else is largely similar (ignoring ...
  • Streaming: Bit Rate Cap? in reply to Live streaming from a Mac by karl.poynter.5

    My first guess would be the bit rate cap. If that is the most restrictive setting (out of resolution, frame rate, etc.) then I would expect the compression is working hard to get it under that limit, hence the bad ...