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  • starcraft in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - HearthStone laddering by Day9

    Bw starbow hots I don't care just play starcraft.
  • Introducing Broleague

    It’s not proleague because you aren’t a pro, it’s just you and your bros, its… broleague. It’s the casual diamond and under team league that we are trying to organize. There isn’t going to be a prize pool but we ...
  • Okay Day9 Make it happen

    On SotG #100 you explained that you think the north American scene needs small regular tournaments to give people motivation to break into the tournament scene. As I watch you say this I realized that it was being said by ...
  • It really should be challah-rays in reply to Gart Gasper and Junia Mayflower [NSFW] by TotalNightmare

    That being said there is nothing better than awkwardly written erotic fiction about hypothetical characters.
  • When I heard time travel... in reply to Titan - Blizzard's New MMORPG by LordMatsu

    I immediately knew that this article was trustworthy http://www.teamliquid.net/blogs/viewblog.php?topic_id=405290
  • How do we know... in reply to If two viper's abduct each other..... by Dav3

    That the maps is actually being reoriented by the pulls and the vipers are in the same spots?
  • Yes but... in reply to Can I break game logic for a moment and ask....... by Dav3

    That assumes a balanced conservation of energy. Vipers however, are totally imba and this massive imbalance allows them to exert far more force than would be possible were the limited by the balanced laws of physics.
  • University of Oregon

    Hey all out there, I'm a student at the University of Oregon and I was wondering how many other day9 viewers/ sc2 players there were here.
  • Thirded in reply to Seconded by BILB0

    More out of curiosity than anything else, im perfectly happy with my setup.
  • Although to be fair in reply to Interesting sh*t by comradeoglivy

    The best part of the lecture was a press photo of VERY young looking grubby.
  • Interesting sh*t in reply to Raising the Stakes - Review - a research perspective on esports by shindigs

    T.L. Taylor held a lecture at my university fairly recently and ever since I've been fascinated by the idea of looking at esports in a more academic way.
  • Diamond toss. in reply to Protoss Early Aggression / All-in Help by Casperdmnz

    in pvt the Sase from this daily build is one of my absolute favorite, it requires a bit more micro now that widow mines are a threat but its still very strong and transitions you well into a later game, ...
  • The only reason I would go to your's in reply to pc bang's in America by BILB0

    would be if the one I want to open didn't off the ground :P I think its an awesome idea that's time might have come in the US.
  • See you on the ladder in reply to funny by megadeth

    you stick to your static defenses and i'll hold to my "bad strats" and we'll see how it goes.
  • long term investment in reply to meh by megadeth

    so lets say you throw down the three cannons, you hold off the push and then you roll out to get a new base up. Suddenly your opponent has a use for that "useless army." He can use it to ...
  • Well thought out in reply to Aspiring HotS Zerg player: by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    I actually open with 14 forge 17 nexus into 4 warpgates and robo. First off I'd like to say that your roach rush is better and different from what i've experienced but, i think it falls into a similar trap. ...
  • In gold??? in reply to It's the campaign by Relli

    these aren't new players that I'm up against. but yeah that could explain it. roach hydra handled the campaign pretty damn well.
  • I suppose that's fair in reply to Doable, but not easy by Jarnatan

    I personally really like to scout... especially because it give me a chance to block zerg's natural. I'm of the opinion that scouting with the probe that makes my first pylon is pretty much never not worth if in pvz.
  • It's easy to make your build safe vs this in reply to 6 min variety ain't bad... by cliff.tam

    if you get mocore after your first sentry and then throw down an early robo (you want fast colo anyways for swarm host and hydra) you have zealot mocore sentry cannon with an immortal in the pipe and with my ...
  • its in reply to are you referring to a 6 min roach? by cliff.tam

    the six minute variety and its still prtyy poor play