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  • thats sad.... in reply to 66 and 69k by Shiro

    i write 30 death count.... so im not going to take any key... i watch 4 streams at the same time every day just for chance to play HotS.... and nothing.... fucking nothing :(
  • i dont know in reply to Results by Ronibez

    someone says was crash,FPS and other problems... but i dont know... i hope im atleast close... i think this can win us some key.... :)
  • NICE WORK in reply to We're Working On It!! by SteppeLively

    thank you for the contest and i hope i win.. becouse i realy want to play this game.. and thank you for the information...i will wait for the key(wich i will not recive becouse im not always...) tnx again ...
  • hope is soon in reply to Good question by babic.jura

    will be nice if someone will tell us when will be anounce the winners
  • about the contest in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Heroes of the Storm! by Day9

    when the winners will be know they ar winners ?(am talking about the death contest) :) bytheway...amazing game you done Day9... keep it real :)
  • Heroes of the Storm contest?

    When the winners will be recive theyr keys ? and when we will know who ar the winners... i realy want to play this game and i look at my email all day... just waiting...did someone knows when this is ...
  • Hello in reply to Looking for people to play with? Come join DFG! by Bjoern_Thuesen

    Im from Bulgaria and i will be happy to play with you SC2 or Hearthstone :) my skype is "iskamjenaaa" . My name is Rosen Rashev
  • 30 in reply to Heroes of the Storm beta key contest - Day[9] Death Count Challenge by WHiT3R4bBiT