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  • The workers attack!

    Hello fellow Dayknights! I was watching Daily #530 and Bomber pulled scvs with one of his later attacks and I realized, I don't see other races pull workers in attacks.
  • Yes! in reply to Poll: How many of you would like the return of Ladder Day? by rob

    Frack yes!
  • [H] Help with widow mines!

    Hey fellow daynineians, I am a gold level player who somehow got into platinum with the switch to HotS. In general I am having a hard time dealing with widow mines, in this particular PvT I went early stargate for ...
  • Female? in reply to maybe by Qudaci

    How about Felicia Day?
  • Maybe... in reply to Not too sure by colonel6465

    I agree that the atmosphere may change, but maybe that is not such a bad thing.