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  • Not that bad in reply to Who Else hates cthun decks? by SyBuddy

    Dragon decks tend to have better value than the c'thun cards honestly. Do you have similar issues with Dragon decks?
  • Adjustments in reply to Awesomeness by ggSunn

    After a bunch of adjustments I think I have a pretty solid deck. I noticed my health kept getting low and the dagger wasn't doing much for me, so I put in Finley (Heal, Armor, or Fireblast is good). I ...
  • Awesome C'Mill deck

    It's a C'thun Milling deck. What I found so cool is that you basically have two alternate win conditions (which you choose depending on matchup or emotional whim). You can either shadowstep/bloodthistle-toxin the coldlight oracle or you can shadowstep/bloodthistle-toxin C'thun ...