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  • Play Homeworld 1 in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    This game is Command and Conquer in SPACE! Play the original "Homeworld".Beautiful visuals, a gripping soundtrack, and a storyline that invokes feels at many key moments.KEEP ALL THE UNITS YOU BUILD OR CAPTURE throughout all the campaign missions, and keep ...
  • 2 rax in reply to Terran "Rush" but with a 2nd strategy? by sherlockturtle

    If your building nonstop marines you should have 5 very very early.One thing that I noticed in a lot of my replays is that my opponents often times play risky, they'll have just one stalker, or just one zealot, plus ...
  • Mass Battlecruiser in reply to Terran Walls by

    If you are 1 base ahead of your opponent, then churn out as many units as you can and keep throwing them at him, you will win a war of attrition. Scan his high ground and keep attacking, drop marines ...
  • Thats true, but... in reply to iirc by EdwardReynolds

    You can provide all your content for free, and also still make tons of money on unit sales.Reference: Rooster Teeth
  • Luls in reply to Abridged version of mind games video by ntucker

    Nope. No Commercial.
  • That is a good thing in reply to As far as a replay: by infidale

    It should take two or three banelings to take down protoss units, it should end up being an even trade if you move around a little bit.How did he baneling bust you through? You should have seen it coming all ...
  • I made it to gold with Bio in reply to Help in TvT by Snozberry

    In TvT;if he goes for Tanks too quickly, he will have a low marine count to defend them. Marauders with +1 armor shrug off marine fire and gobble up tanks if you ATTACK before his tank count gets too high ...
  • In general versus Zerg in reply to Question concerning proper Base Saturation by infidale

    In the time it takes for him to engage your army, and then walk across the map, you can have a couple pylons up to defend your 3rd base with warp ins. Just keep your army "in his face" and ...
  • Are you sticking to one strat? Or Trying different strats? in reply to zerg gold silver losing passion for sc2 by FleshDrinker

    The same thing happened to me the first time I got into Gold. I was doing a timing push with 1/1 stim and combat shield with 4-6 rax off of one base.I only later discovered that it was "all in" ...
  • My Decks in reply to Day[9] & Magic: the Gathering by BlueInkAlchemist

    My Elder Dragon Highlander is my real bragging rights, Its a Dragon deck with one of every awesome legendary dragon going back through the ages of Magic, with a few lost cost cards and acceleration mechanics.My favorite deck to play ...
  • Marketing DVDs and Providing DVD content to venues in reply to Good idea! by simon.a.pedersen.7

    If it were me, I would focus on themed disks, which is where I suggested "greatest hits" or "newbie tuesday" instead of trying to do all 520+ dailies.I'm sure there are methods of storage or compression that save space without ...
  • Marketing DVDs and Providing DVD content to venues

    First, I wanted to suggest this to the forum as a potential buyer of said DVD's.Second, I was wondering what the community at large thought of this? It occurred to me that its something that Rooster Teeth did with Red ...