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  • Good hero choices to practice itemization on in reply to Day[9] Learns Dota - Episode 7 - Itemization by Day9

    I'm watching a vod of Purge playing Bristleback yesterday, and I'm wondering if Bristleback might be a good choice of hero for Sean to learn for itemization choices? Instead of the usual choices of which damage item to go for, ...
  • Reno Ramp! in reply to The Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular Request Thread by MexicanAce

    Hey Sean, I made a deck that I thought you might really enjoy playing, given your enthusiasm for ramp druids:http://imgur.com/a/CwT7zBasically the idea was "Hey, Jade Blossom is another Wild Growth effect, which means decks based off Wild Growth will be ...
  • On puzzles and story in reply to Mostly Walking - Grim Fandango #7 by Day9

    On puzzles: I agree that nobody should expect in others the ability to come up with the chain of logic that results in smoking to acquire pantyhose, and whether or not that's a weakness in the game, at the very ...
  • Object Interactivity in reply to Mostly Walking - Grim Fandango #5 by Day9

    As a kid, when I played this game and the Monkey Island series, I would often hit a wall that you guys have hit a few times during this play through: Needing objects (or screens - the lighthouse!) to get ...
  • Oh in reply to Not going to happen by CrayZ1430

    I knew his game was crashing but I didn't know he'd said he'd finish the game off line. That's too bad :(
  • Talos in reply to Soooooo, a qustion by pinilo

    I was looking forward to it all week! Can't wait to see the end of that game, it's sooo intriguing
  • Troggzor! in reply to Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #54 - GvG - New Ramp Druid! by Day9

    I wanted to see you play with Troggzor the Earthinator so bad, it's such a good card!
  • Too much Spoilery! in reply to Mostly Walking - Quest for Glory 1 #2 by Day9

    I wanted to comment that Sean directing where to go and what to do has kind of taken away the feeling of discovery from watching Mostly Walking. I feel that little things like using Open on Erana's Peace tablet would ...
  • Funny and entertaining in reply to Time to re-examine your priorities? by Blartz

    I personally loved their playthrough of the Dig, found it hilarious. I think mocking a game with dialogue as flat as this one's can actually be funnier, sometimes, than playing a game meant to be funny. (That said, the Monkey ...
  • The Gabriel Knight puzzle mentioned by Old Man Murray in reply to Mostly Walking - King's Quest VI #4 by Day9

    Remember how Sean mentioned putting on a fake mustache?It wasn't just a fake mustache.It was made from CAT HAIRS. From a stray cat who you have to go through several steps just to collect hair from.http://www.oldmanmurray.com/features/78.htmlThe craziest adventure game puzzle ...
  • Very lolsome! in reply to Mostly Walking Feedback Thread by Day9

    My only complaint: I would've liked the game volume to be a bit higher relative to you guys talking (I'm trying not to wake anybody up in apartment and my headphones are falling apart).Also, please please please do Monkey Island!!! ...
  • Nope in reply to Well by Whisle

    There's only 2 with this wing. You could hypothetically be done with the entire wing in 8 matches. The first 5 are easy (3 regular difficulty bosses that unlock the cards + the 2 class challenges), but the last 3 ...
  • tittle is the small dot on top of a lower-case "i" in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - HearthStone laddering by Day9

    Moonbase Commander!If you can find a copy
  • Hogun and Mogun in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - The Banner Saga by Day9

    SPOILERS sooo why did they not die after the game said they died?
  • Big Misplay in reply to Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #5 - MY control druid! by Day9

    In the beginning of part 2, instead of running the farseer into shieldmaster and pyromancer into wrath, he should have played pyromancer into wrath for 3 damage, which would have cleared the paladin's board as well as leave him with ...