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  • sounds like a solid plan! in reply to Depends on the Races and the Map by rdvark

    that's a really good idea. Lack of planning beforehand is probably the biggest issue when I play with my brothers, which is strange because we always skype when we play together. All 3 of us go random and as a ...
  • Promoted to gold! in reply to Celebration Thread by itsbecca

    I just got promoted to gold today after a match vs a protoss who proxy 3 gated me. I'm super excited about this promotion, if you want to check out the replay that promoted me to gold, here it is.
  • Team Game Strategy

    I am a silver league team player (as well as in 1v1) still playing WOL. I really enjoy playing team games with random people on the ladder and my team seems to win about half of the time. My question ...
  • hots? in reply to Among the Shadows NA Silver, Gold Tournament #1 by Ohnoto

    To be clear, is this tournament going to be played with WOL or HOTS?