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  • That's pretty clever in reply to I too have faced this by KansasFF

    I'll have to try that if I face a turtle
  • Thanks! in reply to Team Day9tv Chat by Omega068

    I will add you after my last exams next week trying to not give into the SC2 temptation. :D
  • A DOTA Key would be in reply to ME by DeanyyBoy

    Fantastic if you have any spare
  • Freeman #1860 in reply to EU Friendly Games & Practice Partners by Moomintroll

    ID: Freeman#1860Race: Terran/ProtossLeague: SilverGoals: By the end of the summer hopefully get to platinum with at least 3 hours of practice a day and I want to meet awesome people from the SC2 community.
  • Thanks in reply to Looking for Sparring Partners by fazzino.joe

    Will do thanks!
  • Looking for Sparring Partners

    After next Wednesday the 19th I will have finished all my exams and so I'm gonna be playing StarCraft profusely and so of course I'm gonna be laddering but also I need to generally refine my play because at the ...
  • Purity Ring & Absofacto in reply to Music by maliciousbadger

    Both fantastic artists that I listen to while studying as I am currently.
  • Recently in reply to I need help with TvT by Sylvatic117

    I've been struggling a lot in my TvT just because the other player turtles with Seige Tanks and a butload of missle turrets to prevent drops so i've stopped doing my usual MMM and started with maurader and hellbat because ...
  • During the summer in reply to day[9]tv - an app for Windows Phone 8 by millie

    I plan to develop my very own Windows Phone 8 app, having recently become a proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 920, I would personally develop one that allows me to watch past daily's, view this website easily and more ...
  • Been Done in reply to Maybe... by Mariodroepie

    He tweeted it some time ago
  • Funday Monday 4 Base no Gas in reply to Day[9]'s Playlist and Songs of the Day by Day9

    Does anyone know the name of the song that was at the first break between part 1 and 2 I loved it so much but couldn't get shazam working in time especially at 3 in the morning any help would ...
  • You know you're a true gamer when... in reply to You know your a true gamer when... by JiN

    · You call your house your "Nexus."· You play basketball and ask your friends if the game is melee or UMS.· You are poor and you tell your dad to harvest more minerals.· You realize that you're broke and ask ...