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  • Hi ♥ in reply to BRONZE SILVER SIGNUPS by GMFaustus

    Feyn R EU feyn.567 (NA feyn.952)
  • Calling Ross (Hamish) in reply to DKTL Season 1 Central Hub by GMFaustus

    Hi opponent! I'm on EU in the UTC+1 timezone and because the semester just started I can't really afford to stay up late during the week. But I could be on for our game till maybe 10PM. Or we play ...
  • <9 in reply to BRONZE SILVER DIVISION SIGNUP by GMFaustus

    Name- FeynRace: RandomServer- EUCharacter name- feyn.567League- Bronze
  • Hi there! in reply to Practice Partners by itsbecca

    Server: EUName: feyn 567Race: ZergLeague: SilverI got promoted to Silver a month ago, but didn't really have a chance to play, so don't expect to much from me. I speak german, english and french (though not very well..)
  • Maybe this one helps in reply to Day[9]'s Coat by Zarrow

    Daily #347 might be the one? I stumbled upon it :D, I accidentally clicked on it while watching another one. And when I saw it I was like, hmm, wait, didn't somebody look for something like this.. and here it ...
  • Nerdgasm in reply to Science porn by ntucker

    So some friends and I were discussing about how cool it would be to have something like a smartphone watch, that has like a small part thats unbendable for the electronics, but the rest you can just flex, much like ...
  • Iron Squid's playlist in reply to For Music Lovers by blissLove

    The Iron Squid playlist is pretty epic, they even made a song for all the players! I especially like the title of Hero's song :]I thought I let you guys know where to find it, because somebody asked about them ...
  • The way I found my last 4 names: in reply to Name Help! by urbanicon

    Foreign languages, preferably a dead/fantasy language like Sindarin (I took my birth month for example) or Klingon (I had a hard time finding a nice word in it though, because there are a lot of weird sounds in it) or ...
  • Hello there! in reply to Who is The global Day[9]-community? by NaahsTea

    Where are you from: Switzerland, from the part where you say "Rösti". Do you wake up for the shows: No, I normally have to get up at 7 am. But I stayed up like twice which I payed dearly the ...
  • Nerd Shirts! in reply to Star Crafts Animation Shirts by GooBak

    I know! I'm gonna buy one! Because those zerglings are too incredibly cuuuute! Nibbeling on the forcefield, I almost died of cuteness, just smiling at the screen.I think I'll get the happy zergling with navy. I just love nerd shirts! ...
  • Thank you! in reply to Acceptance and the SC2 Community by Philosopher

    Seeing your post and this one here: https://www.facebook.com/tedxunc/posts/310615685720189?notif_t=likeit feels like people are becoming more aware of the problem.
  • You mean the one.. in reply to Looking for a picture for my facebook timeline by jsilta

    ..he has as the background in his twitter account, right? Not the back-background but the one in the back of his small 8bit picture? But I wasn't able to find it just now. But it is out there somewhere in ...
  • (L)EET in reply to The Funday Monday where.... by Xuktol

    It's in daily 337, part two at about 15.10:
  • Those fat tanks... in reply to Late reply but... by itsbecca

    The tank block happend to me as well but during the campain, I didn't play alot of terran after that. It's just one of the things that you have to do yourself to realize that they are just too fat ...
  • cuuuute in reply to Found a pic by Riuna

    The title says it all: they are sooooo cute! I so want to cuddle them! I totally understand why you had to save Pupu. I don't call them stuffed animals either ^^ it sounds kinda brutal, doesn't it? I call ...
  • stop hitting yourself... in reply to Self Hating Thread by Xdeathknight

    I've been playing sc2 for about 7 weeks now and got to a point where I don't mess up as badly anymore as I did in one of my first ladder games: I was rushed by a Zerg and actually ...
  • Your Manfreds and their stories

    I had quite some stuffed animals when I was a kid, but my mum convinced me to give them away to charity when I was at an age where you want to be all adult...I really miss my gunea pig, ...
  • german in reply to Day[9] Daily #337 – Funday Monday: We Have Liftoff! by Day9

    A Wanderfalke is a peregrine (ok, I admit, I had to look up the english word) Falke means hawk. And wandern is something like hiking or migrate, which kind of suits all to well for this Funday Monday! Also dayJ's ...