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  • About: Currently a diamond toss on EU. Have been lucky enough to play in 2 subscriber monobattles with our lord and master Day9, and now I am keen to get into masters.
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  • Diamond Protoss Cannot deal with mass roach or hydra

    Okay guys this has been driving me nuts, I really need help and am not having any luck on other forums. I have played more than 20 games against my practice partner trying to beat mass roach or mass hydra ...
  • My first map

    Hello everyone. Yesterday I started learning the SC2 map editor and have made my first serious attempt at a 1v1 map. The map is called "Sunshine Island" and should be available on both EU and NA.
  • We have something on EU in reply to EU plz by Taty

    Hello, we have a similar tournament on EU server Check out I cast for them sometimes, can be fun
  • Ladder is infuriating!

    Hi everyone. I am a Protoss player on the EU server. I have played 4 games this evening. After losing the first 3, I rage quit out of my league (diamond). I had been in diamond league close to 3 ...
  • Snes in reply to Top 5 Must Play Games by Console by Day9

    Super Mario World - Best SNES game in my opinion
  • Getting luckey in reply to What frustrates you most about playing StarCraft? by Day9

    I get angry when you get into a situation that cannot be resolved unless you are flash. For example, lets say a Protoss opens either dt, or stargate, and forces alot of spores from a Zerg. In the late game ...
  • Thanks in reply to hmm... by printf

    That is pretty good advice and I agree with most of it. I spread my pylons out to give me slightly more vision against proxy oracle, but maybe I should consider doing that with my third pylon not my second.
  • [H][D] PvP Help holding proxy 2 gate when you skip the zealot

    Hello everyone, I am currently a diamond Toss on EU server. This morning I played this very short and humerus game. I realize this is a fairly standard proxy 2 gate, but I do not often come up against ...
  • Sure in reply to ok replay fixed by Denoginizzer

    No problem, looked at the new replay, watched it and posted it on Youtube, have wrote some things to take note of in video description, hope something helps.
  • Hi, watched the first replay in reply to Silver wannabe a master player needs help/tips in PvZ matchup.... by Denoginizzer

    Hello again, I commented on one of your posts eons ago. I watched the first replay. Kind of a weird game, I am tempted to make a Youtube video for it, but right now my main problem is this "i ...
  • Help is at hand in reply to How can i ever get better? :D by HVMi3LJOZ3PH

    Hi, Hamiel. I am a Master Toss on EU server. Everyone seems to have different theories about what players should focus on in bronze league, without seeing any of your games it is hard to give you advice.Alot of players ...
  • MIND GAMES!!! in reply to Day[9] Teaching JP insane PvZ Build by krisna.siv

    This is the funniest thing I have watched in a long time
  • Awesome! in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Portal by Day9

    You'll enjoy it, one of the best games to come out in recent times, great mix of humor and puzzles, cannot wait!
  • Lol in reply to Day[9] Daily #568 - PowerCheese 2v2 Funday Monday by Day9

    Omg he came up with the same planetary nexus rush as me, except I used proxy zealot instead of cannons
  • Hi again in reply to My thoughts by Tish242

    Early on in the game, a good rule against all races to find out whether or not it is safe to expand, is to see how much gas your opponent has. This works particularly well against zerg. Early gas can ...
  • Hi in reply to Protoss Coach by jaipalchanna

    Hi, Normally I offer to help in game but I have been pretty busy recently. Upload a replay or two of games where you dont know why you lost onto will look at them see if I can help ...
  • Hi Dareik in reply to Protoss build in mind by Tish242

    I am a diamond toss on EU. There are lots of timings that you can use to your advantage, and there are also alot of things your opponent can do that would destroy this build. Having a solid core build ...
  • Amazing game in reply to Populous: The beginning by gorship

    I played this first on the playstation when I was about 7 years old, later got it for the computer. To this day I have never seen a game like it, having a map that you could affect with spells ...
  • Hi Denoginizzer in reply to Looking for a coach protoss EU Server by Denoginizzer

    Hi, I have helped out a few players like yourself before on these forums, free of charge, I enjoy it and it usually helps me reinforce my own play. I am a diamond toss on the EU server, my game ...
  • Should I Stream? in reply to Community Streams by Riuna

    Hi guys, I am foxCode, currently a diamond Protoss and amateur caster for I am getting faster internet today, and have been considering streaming my ladder games as I try to reach masters. I really want to do alot ...