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  • Few Games in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    diablo:hellfire (diablo will always be great, player mod made it better. requires a bit of setup to run correct though) Metroid prime series (I think Sean would enjoy it, great music and environments)
  • Zone of the Enders in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    a fun and decently fast pace mech game. They apparently released an HD collection on the PS3 with ZoE and ZoE:the second runner.little review of it
  • depends what type of time you want in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    something for some laughter: Borderlands 2. Borderlands has always been about the fun dialogue and characters.relaxing: terraria/minecraft. these are pretty relaxing games.kill everything in sight:killing floor would be kinda funny to watch, would feel like you were getting revenge on ...
  • played through once so far in reply to Katawa Shoujo by Blues

    Played through it and am amazed how good this is. I expected it to be decent, but man was I surprised how much i got into it. The visual novel aspect makes it more of a book but it doesn't ...
  • [T][H][G] 1 gate expand with hallucinated sentry play PvT

    PvT hallucination strategy in WoL league:gold testing: green tea AI, at least I know I can hold early attacks with this build. I know this is possible in gold, I did it terribly there and won. Not sure how far ...
  • Problems with carriers in reply to PvP in PvP possible transition by Arthune

    there are a couple problems I see going Carrier. 1)long transition. The amount of time needed to go carriers is insane. with non-stop chronos you need at least 60 sec per carrier. Meanwhile they could get 2 phoenix out with ...
  • Campaign in reply to I just bought Starcraft 2, Where do I start. by KaptainKnails

    start with campaign, introduces the basics to you.You can do challenges to get a little more understanding in some concepts.After that go with some AI games, trying to beat hard-very hard AI.after that you can ladder.You could also join some ...
  • get a solid strategy in reply to zerg gold silver losing passion for sc2 by FleshDrinker

    just refine 1 strategy and keep working on it. Your main issue is macro(most people struggle with it) and just having 1 fun strat to work on will help you improve. Play safe, stick to your plan, and you will ...
  • I remember the old days in reply to Lone Star Clash 2 by Riuna

    when ultras were never used, not anymore :Dreally things have evolved over a year really fast despite maps not changing a lot in terms of size.
  • Oh no in reply to Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs by Blues

    Another night of nightmares for Day9 D:
  • Good Game in reply to Dead Space by JaYung3

    I didn't find it all that scary, but it was still awesome. Unique, decent length, fun.
  • Simplest layouts in reply to Build orders. by mezamury

    # openings/timings for all races.
  • I wouldn't mind it in reply to Anyone else want day[9] to try LoL? by DarkLordOfToast

    I would actually like to see his opinion on the game in general. Would also enjoy seeing him go through the learning process in a new game.
  • Forgot my expo in reply to Self Hating Thread by Xdeathknight

    Basically got attacked and expo was destroyyed, promptly push him back and start hitting him hard. I then lose because I forgot that my income was too low without the additional expansion.
  • sounds good in reply to So I generally don't say this... by Day9

    sounds like a solid and interesting plan for my third, abnormal is always fun. I will try to refine a build around this second part, hopefully by the end of this week I will have something figured out.I will enjoy ...
  • 3 gate halluc FE in PvT

    Kinda something I did randomly 1 game in gold league(yea not a great indicator), and I was wondering if it has possible merit. 3 gate opening
  • DayZ

    I would really like to see Day9 attempt to play DayZ, especially during night time on servers. For those unfamiliar with DayZ it is a zombie survival mod for Arma II. You purchasse the Arma II and Arma II :operation ...
  • max on 1 pylons is 16 in reply to pylon question by readdyeddy

    I think this is the max with current pylon radius and I would never recommend doing it lol.
  • Very nice in reply to Something I made for Day9 by xelu

    Day[9] now can have a new title screen for everyone to watch in a daily.
  • I can't do it in reply to Amnesia: The Dark Descent by ntucker

    My laptop dropped to less than 1 FPS early in the game when books were flying off the shelves and other things were happening. I was sad, I tried everything to increase FPS but I can't get it high enough ...