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  • Oh btw in reply to A POEM about the end of starcraft! *please look day9*! by gumundur-sigorsson

    I didn't make this alone, a person under the name BabyJesuz on made this with me.
  • A POEM about the end of starcraft! *please look day9*!

    Tis the end of starcraft,Or so its fine to say,has the entire community gone daft?listen'n let me lead the wayDon't be so hasty!To judge sc2's imminent end,because juuu'st maybeStarcraft's not on the descendStream views aren't decliningSo what the f*cks wrong?Just ...
  • WHAT! in reply to Remix by Karmine

    Its epic as it is...
  • I really hope this gets more views,

    # Its just to epic and a sad thing it has but 2800 views after a couple of years...
  • :D in reply to I watch too many tv-shows... by Riuna

    My favorite shows are spartacus, then also game of thrones...
  • Sure but.... in reply to No by M05513

    I really don't want him to, I have lost enough gamers to that game, I don't want to risk him!