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  • Timings in reply to PvP maximize the odds by if.granas

    The robo will be in time for DT's even if you are a bit you can FF your ramp at minute 7 at you will have a lot of time for your Observer.Wilko sayed that you can even beat 4 ...
  • Tempest in reply to Dear Day 9, question by kagaron

    i am not day9 but for what do you need aditional dmg vs massive Units? You have a hugh range, you still cann Focuse Fire Kollosi( get air dmg) and the other targets that doesn't work now are Ultralisks and ...
  • Beating Mech in reply to Dealing with Mech as Protoss by rmehlinger

    First of all i would like to mention Wilko, who played a lot vs Mech and sayed a lot how to win vs mech.In General there are some easy things to know1. Expand a lot! You will fight cost ineffectivly ...
  • Replay in reply to Day[9] Daily #532 - Grubby HotS games! by Day9

    Dear Day9 could you please upload the Replays on www.drop.sc and give us the Links ?:)
  • PvP maximize the odds in reply to Day[9] Daily #532 - Assorted PvP openings by Day9

    I think the best Opening is a Opening where you die to fewest Builds and you depend few as possible on mistakes of the opponent.
  • The critical number!

    Dear People, i just watched the new Day9 Daily about the PvZ from Rain. After that I started to think about something i hear quite often lately. People start to think about the ideal (the critical) number of something. Like ...