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  • Beta key in reply to Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaways by Day9

    edit: double post cant remove D:
  • beta key in reply to Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaways by Day9

    If there are indeed beta keys given away i would love to have ONE. much appreciated :)
  • Game recommendation thread (with stream)

    Hi guys as the title suggests. I always look for exceptional games to watch but dont stumble across many. Would appreciate if anyone could post some - day9 always seems to find some really amazing games that no one else ...
  • twitch issue in reply to TOO MANY COMMERCIALS by Codeor

    If you have trouble with commercials playing over and over during gameplay then this is a twitch issue! Sometimes you have to reload the page or commercials will play over and over again. I have never ever seen a commercial ...
  • can i quote? in reply to TvT - What to do? by minimalis

    [quote=minimalis]My opinion about TvT, is that you either win the game around 10 minutes, or you have a long, awful positional warfare ahead of you due to siege tanks. It's booooring.[/quote]
  • asdf in reply to BATTLE.NET Account blocked - name required - DAMN! by ih8mylife

    There actually is an option on battle.net for "i forgot my account name" --> restore account name
  • BATTLE.NET Account blocked - name required - DAMN!

    Hi there, I`ll just copy paste the email i sent to info-de@blizzard If anyone has some ideas how to contact blizzard/battle net with the following issue i`d appreciat it.
  • KYLE! It`s a retard magnet! in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    You must set a trap for your opponents army and bait him into it or bait his army out of position for an attack in some other place.
  • Natural Selection 2 in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    Aliens vs Marines shooter game where one guy on each team takes the spot as a commander and plays the game in a more RTS like game style overhead fashion to support and distribute stuff to his team members.
  • pewpew in reply to Some tips by NitemaRe

    I love how you 2 wrote somewhat different things and both work for you respectively :)
  • Gold Zerg cant win ZvT

    ^ as title says i literally cant win ZvT unless my opponent goes pure MMM What usually happens is the Terran turtles on 2 - 3 bases depending on the map with siege tanks + turrets + sometimes a few ...