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  • Cool Website That Supports Small Twitch Streamers

    I've been using this new web site that supports twitch streams on twitch with small viewer counts. The way it works is every 15 minutes a new stream is chosen for everyone on the website to watch simultaneously. This gives ...
  • Thanks! in reply to Nice work! by cohLysion

    The room concept is a start, but we want to go further. For now, at least it can function as whiteboard and be linked to from forums. The rooms should be saved so if you remember the link (or posted ...
  • Appreciated in reply to Awesome! by sherlockturtle

    Glad you like it. We'll keep trying to make it even better.
  • Response in reply to Feedback by seren

    Thanks, this is exactly the kind of information we're looking for. We'll take a look at doing some more work with the mouse to make interaction easier.
  • Collaborative Strategy Tool (looking for feedback)

    One of my friends and I have built a tool to facilitate creating and sharing StarCraft 2 strategies. We hope that some people will experiment with it and provide some feedback.