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  • I've changed my mind... in reply to Saying GG and Rage Quitting by BlazeNova

    While I think slinging BM and race whining is a bit childish, I will never ever fault someone for "rage quitting" and not saying GG. I've picked up my playing a lot more lately and I have to say that ...
  • Fantastic! in reply to How being bumped down helped me improve my play by guitarsniper

    I've been on a similar run myself. My highest level was gold (though just through good placement games I think... I was losing everything, which may have contributed to my leaving.)
  • Not trying to discourage growth but... in reply to Help! I HATE this game. by G3rain1

    honestly, don't be afraid to just take a break. SC2 isn't the be all end all, and if you enjoy watching more than you enjoy playing... then just watch! It doesn't make you less of fan, less of a gamer ...
  • Hooray! in reply to Australian Starcraft Scene by Philosopher

    I love SEA. If you're a zerg and have never watched PiG stream you are seriously missing out. He is an incredible teacher, patient, clear and very smart. Seriously check him out sometime guys.
  • YES! in reply to Mass Battlecruiser by dowjin

    Add this to my list as well. You just have to realize the pure joy of having so much more money than your opponent. It's party time, man.
  • Smashing a bronzey turtle can be fun, lets talk about how... in reply to Terran Walls by

    First, make sure you get that mappity map control. If they're sticking to their base like glue say fine, enjoy yourself and slap them back with a contain. They may still be a challenge to overcome but they will get ...
  • If you're talking about a tournament in reply to Why do pros use alt accounts? by rufus.flowen

    It's going to be because of a regional thing. Either they're using an alt acct for the region, or they don't have an acct for the region and borrow someone else's. Remember, even for an offline even it is hosted ...
  • not sure... in reply to oi 2nd post. Proleague thoughts. by pgnet

    why it wasn't letting you respond, but I went ahead and moved the post for you. Should be good now. :)PS - select text and ctrl+u for underline
  • yes but... in reply to Warhound by abclego

    I didn't have a beta key then! I never got to experience their ridiculousness. Haha.
  • Don't remind me in reply to 6 new HotS dances in addition to the already added ones by ntucker

    Makes me sad about the Warhound all over again :(
  • Funny you ask in reply to Day[9] Streaming Calender? by Jackson413

    Day9 will be returning to regular show times TOMORROW at 7pm Pacific Standard Time. Happy days are here again!
  • Never read the books.... in reply to The Dark Tower Series by thomasmarkle

    But I read the first couple series that they did into comics... The art was amazing. Sorry, that's all I got.
  • Lets be fair please in reply to Medivacs... by samuser1234

    1) I'm not a an imba yeller by nature, and while I enjoy discussing the HotS patches I will not get overly worked up about anything at this point, because who knows how long any change will last anyway? It's ...
  • Hmmm... in reply to The Lan thingy by Riuna

    I don't know. Timing wouldn't work for me for stockholm, I'll still be at my next assignment and don't think I'd have enough money saved by then. Is summer bigger though?
  • I actually am serious! in reply to So by Riuna

    I'm thinking summer and then I can probably still probably be able to save money and hit one or two american tourneys near the end of the year. Plus summer is just easier as far as packing light and getting ...
  • Just a little thing... in reply to Tell me more about this project of yours! by ntucker

    to maybe help a person keep up with tournaments and live SC2 content a little more easily. I'd love your sage advice next week or so once I've put together some wireframes. Where's the best place to msg you?
  • Doing so well! in reply to How's your winter break? by Day9

    When I got kicked out of my place just before the holidays, things were looking grim, but I found an amazing new apt that I'll be moving into soon (my roommate is, hand to my heart, an indie comic artist), ...
  • I saw that already in reply to this is what they say.... by cliff.tam

    and my answer stays the same.
  • meeeeeh in reply to I don't think they did that to make people build BCs. by cliff.tam

    if all they wanted to do was re-nerf medivac they could've just upped the energy cost of booster or lowered health back down. Like I said, needing a 150/150 building PLUS the cost/time of upgrade is just absurdly ridiculous. It ...
  • Sure but... in reply to Well, by seren

    there's no reason to get fusion core, if you're not planning to go BC then tthat's RIDICULOUS to have to get a THIRD building at 150/150 purely for a single upgrade. It will just never happen. It's such a bizarrely ...