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  • Slay.one - free browser multiplayer top-down shooter

    Hey guys, please check out my new game http://slay.one Its free, running in browser and doesnt require an account. Its a multiplayer top-down shooter. Kind if like a top-down Unreal tournament. There are several weapons and you can customize your ...
  • thank you in reply to I see that... by bluedrop

    thank you very much. you can email me at jb@littlewargame.com, but if you want you can aswell post here, ill check this thread continuously the next days
  • Littlewargame - an HTML5 RTS Multiplayer Game im working on

    Littlewargame is an HTML5 / Javascript RTS game (that means it runs in your browser). Ive been working on it for the last ~8 Months and it has reached a playable state, thats why im looking for feedback now.