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  • :D in reply to MAKER NO by LadySakuyaKira

  • Day9 and Artosis - After MLG in reply to Day[9] Fan Fiction (nsfw and other FF) by LordMatsu

    You know me as j3comics in chat and I got bored at work so here you go... Day9 fanfic... Day9 and Artosis both leaned back after finishing casting the MLG finals between Scarlett and Bomber. Artosis looked over and said, ...
  • ICount Me In!!! in reply to Bronze Silver Signups by GMFaustus

    John Z NA Skyskycaptain.291
  • Email in reply to Hearthstone Practice :) by scott.archibald.12

    # add me and lets play!
  • Don't Feel Bad in reply to gah i suck by kinlopunim

    I'm in bronze league and like 30 games later I finally won my first game!!! So its just one of those things where, believe me, we are all in the same boat. We won't become Naniwa overnight!
  • Playing Random in reply to Playing Random by SteppeLively

    I'll preface this with saying that I am definitely a Bronze League player...I typically only play random when I am doing 1v1s with friends or people where I am going in with the intention to better my gameplay on my ...
  • On NA in reply to Can't Add? by StarsKri

    Hey James, I'm on NA. I am probably going to remain logged in all day as skycaptain and I'll be in the Day9 chat so you can probably find me there! If not, my battle tag is skycaptain92#1688 so Idk
  • Code in reply to Adding In-Game by StarsKri

    its skycaptain92#1688. I'll probably be on in about half an hour too if that works.
  • ... in reply to some strat to consider... by cliff.tam

    Cliff, Yeah I am focusing right now on adjusting one thing at a time, as well as bettering my scouting, etc. I switched back to playing vs. AI in order to work on my hotkey management and macro, sometimes moving ...
  • That would be great in reply to Best advice I can give by StarsKri

    James, Hey yeah that would be amazing if we could play a few games and just try and work on some things protoss. I try and work on like one thing at a time, however I find myself getting caught ...
  • Work in reply to saw the replay.. by cliff.tam

    Hey Cliff thanks. I think what I'm going to work on is getting that forge down and buildingg cannons earlier as well as making sure I get that core down faster
  • Replay in reply to help by cliff.tam

    Here is a recent game I wound up going 5 Gate then Expo with a Forge. I did miss the cybernetics core so that came up late.
  • Hey cliff in reply to Newish player needing some help by jegland3

    I probably could, I have honestly no idea how to post my replays on here though :/ I've kinda just been tooling around with seeing how different things work together, however I am trying to stick with a 4 gate ...
  • Newish player needing some help

    Hey there! I am relatively new to Starcraft and am a low-level bronze league player! I would love it to find someone who can help me raise my APM and just get things down a little better. I used to ...