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  • Magic Online in reply to Day[9] & Magic: the Gathering by BlueInkAlchemist

    I looked it up and it seams it's better than the steam game, it's more like collecting cards. Can anyone verify, also is it cheaper. I have a few IRL friends that play so I'm not sure if I will ...
  • haha in reply to Cool! by jlenstra

    yeah there's a place with a FNM near my house, I only know because they also hold fighting game tournaments that my brother competes in. I don't think I'd be interested in playing in a tournament unless its one of ...
  • Nice! Thanks in reply to Magic Workstation by CameronRAWR

    hmm I might try this out, I'm new to the game so I think this will help.
  • Sorry in reply to Magic the Gathering noob by jnune09

    Just saw "other games" thread, hope someone can move this for me :)
  • Magic the Gathering noob

    So I live in eastern Pennsylvania and after the hurricane came by, our power went out. So me and my brother got some Magic cards; we've been interested for sometime, but I think Day9's (first) story about Magic pushed us ...