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  • I agree wiwth Jarrakul in reply to True, but... by Jarrakul

    Day 9 has never played Fallout new vegas before. Since he is planning on playing Fallout 4 when it comes out, there is simply no time to play all of the Fallouts. And it would be a shame to miss ...
  • Fallout1, Fallout2, Arcanum in reply to This reminds me of Arcanum by Nobake

    The best RPGs I've ever played. Also the whole transition from good virgil to evil virgil was pretty amazing in Arcanum (depending on your choices).
  • Dont forget amnesia :D :D :D in reply to No Show - Literal Day Off by Day9

    i hope sean returns to it one day lol
  • Agree with conastatu in reply to RTS is a dying genre by conastatu

    I think you just have to understand that people like different things. Sean has played SC and SC2 for most of his life, I think branching out to a new game on Friday is perfectly reasonable, especially when its so ...
  • yay in reply to Mostly Walking - Nancy Drew: The Shadow at Water's Edge #2 by Day9

    I like it when sean turns into a woman :P
  • Why is it so important in reply to I'm sad by fdas

    SC2 is just one game, I know its fun to play an RTS but just think of the hundreds of other games out there that you never get to see or watch Day[9] play. Some of the best moments watching ...