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  • Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • About: I am terrible at SC2 but truly enjoy anything SC2 related, I admire the game and applaud those who excel at it. I love reading comic books, as well as scifi and fantasy novels. Gaming is swell, I particularly enjoy Halo, Need For speed, ME, Skyrim, Dragon Age and Portal2. I play boardgames and MTG occasionally and I also dabble in larping and costume making. I love animals and therefore only eat & love food if it's vegan! I plan to be a better gamer and re-learn SC2 with Day9's videos to help me!
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  • Laptop in reply to How do you watch the Day[9] Daily? by jbigg2012

    Not exactly a "cool" setup, but definitely a comfy one! I snuggle up in bed with my 2 cats, put on my pajamas and sip some tea for the day9 daily!
  • Computer equipment makes the best foot rest. in reply to Post you w/ your legs/feet up! by Day9

  • Vegan nomnom in reply to The NomNomNom Thread by Riuna

    I am a foodie, a vegan-foodie. I love experimenting with soy based products to try and make my own "meet" and I am a huge fan of vegetables (go figure). Vegan baking is always fun and I love "veganizing" food ...
  • Not the best shot, sorry! in reply to Your Computer Desktop by krisna.siv

  • I'll try that :) in reply to You can by Riuna

    Hahaha, I suppose "fat" was not the right word ;) .I have tried guessing measurements with other projects before and it just didn't end up looking right at all.I am knitting it and want it to look top-notch ;) , ...
  • Slenderman in reply to Day[9] Funnies by RobiGaming

    Throughout part 1 he kept talking about wrestling and how he was always a "heavy-weight" due to the size of his kahoneys.At one point he freaks out and says "I was lying, I was never into wrestling! I played ultimate ...
  • Manfred's measurements

    Alright guys, I need some help. I already show my support by subscribing, but I wanted to go that extra mile by doing something special for our beloved buddy Manfred!
  • West Siiiide in reply to Another Albertan by owen.mcleod.710

    I live by Glenora-ish!
  • Amnesia in reply to Day[9] Funnies by RobiGaming

  • Made my day :) in reply to Day[9]'s Best Moments by Mezinca

  • A short and sweet list in reply to Favorite TV Shows by ntucker

    I don't actually have cable or anything so I just stream and torrent online. But the above 4 are basically the only things I deem worth my time!
  • Oh Baby! in reply to The Name of the Wind by Grails

    This book is actually the best book I have read in my entire life. And I love that the 2d one (Wise man's Fear) is JUST as great! And the author is a really cool guy too, he has a ...
  • Vegan! in reply to Ooooo Vegan food by itsbecca

    Hmmm, I really like the vegan zombie (youtube), is an awesome recipe database and other than that I kind of just google recipes on the fly :-) !
  • A bit of History in reply to Music, Starcraft, my story, and yours. by Tofuporkchops

    I am perhaps the worst SC2 player ever, I try ,but alas, I do not succeed. I happen to find the game overwhelming and feel stressed out after playing! But, I love watching pro SC, and I think anyone who ...
  • A week ago! in reply to When Did You Get into Day9 by Philosopher

    I only started watching Day9 a week ago, and TBH I have no idea what video got me started or how I got to said video. All I know is that a few eps later I was laughing my ass ...
  • Tons of reasons. in reply to Do you watch Day[9] to improve at Starcraft or for a different reason? by medivh

    I am perhaps the worst SC2 player ever. I can't micro-manage or manage-manage and I seem to just not be able to do any of the right things. I have put the game down for now but after discovering Day9 ...
  • Félicitations! in reply to Day[9] Daily #518 - Daily 3rd year anniversary! by Day9

    I only discovered your site a week ago but I feel I have been watching for much longer than that! Here's to another 3 years of learning, jokes, awkward manhood loss, Manfred cameos and more!
  • Can't wait! in reply to Day[9] Fright Week: Slender by Day9

    I just discovered Day 9 maybe a week ago (no judging) , and watched the Amnesia walk-through. Hilarious! Can't wait to see Manfred & Day9 in action again. However, I live in Canada (Edmonton, Alberta) is the time posted on ...