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  • Quitting is a common in reply to Thanks for the advice.. by Wilson

    Pretty much every person who has played starcraft for an extended amount of time has quit, some multiple times like myself. But they and I come back to the game after a while, it might be a week, a month, ...
  • awesome in reply to Blog #9: Artillery's Gaming Platform - A Video Demo! by Day9

    Definitely looking forward to this, Day[9] will make the best game ever!
  • He is indeed amazing in reply to Vsauce by LordMatsu

    I Don't think there is anything of his I haven't watched all his stuff is awesome. My personal favorite is the black hole and Deja Vu
  • Another one in reply to Awesome useless websites!! by joseph.gilmore.357

    # I find this one pretty funny
  • mine in reply to Favorite Day[9] Quote? by misread_

    I forget the actual quote and if someone could find it that would be amazing! He was talking about grams number and how insanely huge it is and then at the end he saying something like "and they invented this ...
  • Indeed in reply to A note for Day9 and Artillery Games by thrawn1324

    I know that Valve (who makes the best games in the world) has very extensive play testing for all their games. Which is what makes them so polished and amazing!
  • but but daily... in reply to YES I AM! by Day9

    I was so sad this week, no dailies? how long till we get dailies again, I need them to keep me sane during finales!!! Please do sc2 dailies!
  • Freaked me out in reply to do not click ! by DoctorSuave

    The first time I ever went to that site it scared the crap out of me lol
  • Awesome useless websites!!

    So the internet is very useful, but that is not what we are here for!!! so some of my favorite strange and useless websites are.. 1.