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  • About: Mechanical engineering senior at the University of Florida. Go Gators!
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  • Used a waterjet and a huge sheet metal bender in reply to Update on Summer Case Mod Project The Hindenzerg! by kevin.wilt.121

    Hey all :) so I am on an internship with "Felicity Inc." and I have access to a huge waterjet machine and sheet metal press brake (bender). I designed the logo and the sheet metal part in a CAD (computer ...
  • Update on Summer Case Mod Project The Hindenzerg!

    Hey all! So I posted about 2 weeks ago with a few pieces of aluminum I had cut into the SC2 logos and am thinking of sending Sean, and mentioned that I was working on modding my NZXT Phantom case ...
  • Haha Thanks! in reply to This is awesome! by mandoza3

    Glad to hear people like it!
  • That would be so cool! in reply to Championship Belt. by tayloriscreative

    That would be awesome! I will actually talk to a few of the leather workers at work to see how hard it would be to learn to make a simple belt to hold a modified version of the logos :) ...
  • We can only hope! in reply to That's really sick by Omega068

    I'll probably polish them up after work on Monday and see what happens from there!
  • 6061 is Awesome in reply to Very nice. by NakeDex

    That is really cool! As an aprentice I haven't really got much in the way of experience, but I can say that from what I've learned I should be able to polish these puppies up to a near mirror finish. ...
  • Very cool! in reply to Thats sweet! by AquaMarine

    Thanks! If someone can confirm this address I will send them out tomorrow! Does Day9 ever see this mail if it's sent there?
  • Logo was different in reply to AWESOME! by sherlockturtle

    Because the jet only cuts in 2D space I couldn't make the logo have any depth to it though! Thinking I may set something up in the CNC Milling machine, I'll show it when it's finished :)
  • SC2 Logos Cut on the Water Jet for Sean? Would he take them?

    Hey all! So I am a mechanical engineer at the University of Florida and this summer I am at a summer internship with "Felicity Inc." as a machinist! And at my office we have a water jet and I was ...
  • Building a gaming rig in just about a week, need graphics card advice!

    Hello all, First of all I want to say this is my first post, I'm not even sure if I'm posting in the right place and if I'm not I hope a moderator can move the topic to the correct ...
  • Absolutely in reply to Life - Zerg HoTS Daily by LordMatsu

    I watched the stream of MLG last weekend with my girlfriend at her request (No joke... might have to put a ring on it), and we were both astounded by Life's play. She is trying to learn more about the ...