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  • getting back on in reply to gah i suck by kinlopunim

    so yea, for the last couple months my computer crashed. just recently been able to get everything back on. so yea ill start practicing again soon.
  • its not that im umwilling for personal help in reply to gah i suck by kinlopunim

    right now my job has alot of heavy parties and such, i would love help, just for now i have no time to utilize help. in a week or so i will reconstitute my starcraft abilities, and at such points ...
  • sigh in reply to gah i suck by kinlopunim

    did several more games today and only won one, anybody else notice that bronze players are playing alot like they should be silver or gold lately? i don't like the new ladder system.
  • this is one replay in reply to by Moomintroll

    this is one of my more recent games where i had a pretty smooth opening and held off early aggresion, i eventually won but i feel there were areas i could have been better. before we go too far into ...
  • noob question of the day is... in reply to gah i suck by kinlopunim

    how do i post a replay? lol
  • i try to do keystrokes in reply to take it slow by NameLips

    saw the video for mental checklist, but my fingers just dont follow the motion ><. or when i do manage to get a groove down, i just start fumbling halfway through.
  • gah i suck

    lvl 39 bronze, i can't proceed out of it. ive watched near all the newbie tuesdays and im still facing people that are better macro, in bronze no less ><. i need help, either training partners or tips would be ...