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  • About: Hey Whats up. I'm Krisna, I live in Australia with a Cambodian heritage. I want to work in the games industry as a developer and designer
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  • I had a heavy heart yesterday in reply to The World has lost Someone Great today by LordMatsu

    When you become part of the Rooster Teeth community what you actually become is part of a family. And we just loss one of ours yesterday. When I tried taking a shower yesterday to clear my head all that happened ...
  • If you miss Funday Monday, Here's a chance to do it again!

    For those of you who don't know who Jakatak is, he was the man behind the recent SC2 Tutorial Central which has unfortunately stopped, but A fine gentleman and community member all the same. He has announced that he plans ...
  • How I stopped caring about how many games I was losing in reply to Picking a race ( and why you picked your race) by TheSilent1

    I originally played Terran because thats the race I played in Brood War (That might make me sound like a brood war veteran but were actually talking like 2008 here). I then moved to protoss because I thought the Immortal ...
  • Request Sent in reply to I was plat random (Few monthes ago) by BeastlyDayKnight

  • My only reservation in reply to Gold Protoss here by Kai.Herbertz

    One of the reasons I don't like going air as protoss is I never feel a utilise the Stargate every again and that kinda bugs me.To me, after the cybercore i feel like how i play the next 7-10 mins ...
  • Being More Aggresive and General Help

    I need to learn to utlise sentries, I've had a bad time with them so have avoided them thus far. I also think I need to build more Zealots with how high my minerals float. Very little diversity between the ...
  • A Nice Video in reply to Storylines in multiplayer games by DarbE

    Sean's tweet reminded me of this video from Extra Credits:
  • If you watched Atlanta... in reply to Also... by pure27

    It will be a very similar event and similar format.I guess you can say its a qualifier in the same way last year coming 1-4th in a WCS Season qualified you for the WCS Season Final.Having been to quite a ...
  • A few recomendations in reply to Mostly Walking Feedback Thread by Day9

    I made a thread about the history of adventure games, one of them being Myst, notorious for its beautiful pre rendered scenery, embedded videos and most of all its difficulty.
  • Nice in reply to Soooo. I turned Day9 winking into a gif... by MegaFireGuy

  • Monetizing Project Atlas in reply to Project Atlas (Artillery Games) cool ideas by Minerthreat

    During his interview with Hotbid (Which you can watch here by the way) and he says that Atlas will be free to play for sure.That got me thinking about the many many problems a lot of free to play systems/ ...
  • At HSC IX in reply to Source by djfurbal

    I remember him saying it in jest. I hope he changes his mind though :/
  • On the Twitters in reply to Notification emails by Para199x

    #"Something is funky w my web servers! SO SORRY they've been sending duplicate (or sometimes 10x) emails! NOT INTENTIONAL!!"
  • All good in my book in reply to Hello, subject here. by EclipseRE

    I think you have become one of those guys who is gonna keep getting mentioned as "That Guy". But really all good.Id also like to apologies for you for posting about it on reddit. Dat reddit karma -_-. There was ...
  • It is a Bit like Dark Souls I guess in reply to I've never played it by KevinAndersson

    It has that same feeling of the more you know about the mechanics the funner the game is to play. Its not as realistic as say ARMA or Operation Flashpoint but it can be incredibly punishing a times.Gameplay wise they ...
  • Counter-Strike:Global Offensive

    I noticed on Twitter Sean's been playing some CS:GO. So I guess it would be nice to talk about it. Strangely enough I was a FPS player first, RTS player second. I ventured through the Call of Duty's, Quake's before ...
  • Tutorial Center SC2 in reply to Scouting Help by Vonkampf

  • A few Ideas in reply to Project Atlas (Artillery Games) cool ideas by Minerthreat

    There a couple of things that are in other games that could be integrated similarly into Project Atlas:Company of Heroes Cover System Infantry units depending on where they are on the map have 4 States, Exposed, Normal, Light and Heavy ...
  • I just went up and asked in reply to Someone ripping off day9! How can we get them to stop? by Rocksolidkid

  • Alternatives? in reply to Yeah, definitely. by Spartak

    I was thinking a little bit more about this today trying to think what other games do too make sure that players aren't counted out so easily from 1 mistake. The problem is I don't know how you would try ...