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  • probability of HS in reply to I made a plot by SuddenSight

    What was discussed here is actually pretty simple problem (although still interesting). There are other aspects that I find more important. In every deck You have certain combinations of cards that work very well together. Synergy that gives You this ...
  • It's not that in reply to Are the players in casual mode better than ranked? by Sotos

    Ranked play revolves around progress. Winrate is everything. So, most players use best available cards in good decks. Good as in "considered good for ranked play". RArely someone cares to experiment, since it could knock You down few ranks. So, ...
  • No control can hurt. in reply to Ya it's interesting by gRaTeFuLDeAd

    IMO, today BC more resembles a game at a casino than any real currency or stock market. Those things that are often said to be the best qualities of BC are also the very same that can hurt this currency ...
  • Lorewalker Cho

    Today I finally crafted this card. Wanted to play with it for a while now, just for fun. And I want to share my impressions. First of all - for all of You who don't know the card: It's 2-mana, ...
  • The flow in reply to [Hearthstone] What is your deck building process? by BorgLeader

    For me it's a little bit different. I hate being... stuck. With no good play in turn. I like feeleing that flow of the game is nice. In addition, I resent playing something that everyone (or most) plays. I know, ...
  • X-mas spirit of giving...

    So... in my country, there is this thing, happening every year around x-mas. It's called "noble package" (a rough translation), and it is about picking a family (from the list) which is not doing well, and putting up a christmass ...
  • in reply to Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway #2 by WHiT3R4bBiT

    At a time like this, You're your own worst enemy.
  • many thanks in reply to It's mis-titled! by Duneyrr

    I would have never looked there.
  • Can't find it in reply to YouTube videos are released daily by Duneyrr

    Well... I am subscriber, but I can't find it. There is nukes funday-monday, but no hearthstone video?
  • why not fps in reply to next day off by ben.c.watts

    Orcs Must Die would be nice, but personally, I'd love to see Day9 struggle against some kind of FPS game, possibly even online. I dont know why, maybe its just my little perversive, sadistic nature, but I think it would ...
  • mine field in reply to Day[9] Daily #513 - Laddering - choose my builds! by Day9

    The idea came to me after QXC mines daily. Although those proved to be quite potent as an early game harrassment units, I believe they true potential lies elsewhere and that's something what I (as a terran player) would like ...